Part 1. Evaluate the history, policy and structures which have impacted on the reform of the education system in Ireland in the 21st Century. [Please link this to Further Education and Training in Ireland].

2. Identify a current education policy or structure which highlights and benefits the implementation of the Further Education and Training Policy. (You can use ‘I’). [You need to bear in mind the following which will assist in writing this essay. Who are the participants? Who are the stakeholders? Where does that policy come from / why was there a need for that policy? What were the Social / Cultural / Religious / Historical / Economical themes running in the background that influenced this policy? What are the barriers if there are any? Are there any inequalities? What informs your policy? What was in place or not in place? Is it effective? Does the FET Sector assist partakers to reach third level or apprenticeships? What is the international equivalent? Does that work? If so, why? What is your analysis and recommendations of the FET Sector].

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