Recording of Activity 1.

Getting across the room safely

Three people required – we recognized that Roberta wood need to go first as she would need to crawl to first as she would need help getting up onto the table in order to face forward – Sit forward to crawl safely. Then Maureen and Eileen would get up on the table and crawl behind. Roberta crawled facing bum push forward. Roberta could get off the table at the end. Everyone felt this was comfortable for everyone.

Recording of activity2

Make a bridge balance a cup of water

Materials 12 plastic cups and Sellotape

Team Leader: Martina

Group: Martina Eileen Maureen Roberta

Discussion on how many and what length, listened to each other’s ideas.

Each of us with feedback and input by drawing a plan on paper first

Decided to use 5 of the cups and tape together for a level surface cup we cut

Another 3 cups in half and placed on top of the row making more secure and level

Taped at the sides placing a cup of water in the middle

This worked perfectly we had great communication making the plan come together

Taking on board everyone’s ideas

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