University Griffith College Dublin (GCD)
Subject Web Development

Assessment Guidelines

Website: Using HTML and CSS design a web page for a Summer Music Festival taking place on the Coast of Ireland.

The website will have 4 HTML pages:

1. a homepage

2. a page with details of the line-up/acts

3. a page with details of the area/location

4. a contact page

The website should:

  • have a well-thought-out and consistent design that uses at least 1 media query to change the layout of columns
  • use HTML5 semantic tags where available
  • make good and efficient use of CSS
  • use media queries to enable a layout that changes dynamically based on screen size
  • have a pleasant and well-designed color scheme
  • adhere to best practice and basic web standards (validate your HTML and CSS)

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  • include text content that has been created by you or borrowed from a relevant website (cite your source in the report and make sure you do not use the same layout as the site!)
  • include embedded media such as images, audio, and/or video
  • The contact page should include a web form with appropriate methods, controls, and validation settings that will process correctly using a basic mailto action
  • includes a responsive menu/navigation that makes use of JavaScript and/or jQuery
  • use a number of internal and external links that should all work correctly
  • have comments added to code where appropriate

Report: The website should be accompanied by a report documenting the decisions made in developing the website.

The reports should include the following six sections:

1. Introduction / Background

2. Process – Explain the process used or steps are taken to create the website

3. Design/Layout: – Detail the design, color, and layout choices made and including images and diagrams that illustrate the website layout process.

4. Coding for Responsive Design: – This section should include information about what steps you have taken to ensure that your website displays well on multiple screen sizes.

5. Organization: – Explain your folder structure, and include a diagram of your folder structure.

6. Conclusion: – The report should be submitted in the format of a Word document.

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