Question 1:  What different paradigms have been used to understand or explain this aspect of sexuality?

Question 2: What key assumptions have been made about this aspect of sexuality over time?

Question 3: How have understandings of this area of sexuality and assumptions about it changed over time?

Question 4: What are the complexities of trying to understand or make sense of this aspect of sexuality?

Question 5: How have different ways of understanding this area of sexuality served as a basis for analysis and action around it?

Question 6: A critical analysis of how this issue/area of sexuality has been constructed, responded to, resisted, reframed and experienced in terms of the policy, practice, activism and lived experience

Question 7: What sort of inequalities, oppressions or discrimination exists in relation to this issue?

Question 8: What has contributed to these inequalities – how have they emerged over time?

Question 9: What ideologies or discourses created the issue?

Question 10: What structural or legal factors shaped the issue? Who has questioned or challenged these inequalities?

Question 11: On what grounds? What strategies have they used to highlight the issue?

Question 12: What solutions for change have they suggested/implemented?

Question 13: How successful have these solutions been?

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