University National University of Ireland (NUI)
Subject Innovation Management

Assignment Brief:

You have been appointed as Innovation Manager of Intersnack/Largo Foods/Tayto to develop an outline, sustainable, innovation strategy report for one of the product/service areas in its organisation. The company is known by several corporate and brand names: Intersnack Ireland/Largo Foods/Tayto Snacks/Tayto Park, etc. The assets of the organisation have a complex ownership structure that is largely not relevant and beyond the scope of this assignment.

For the assignment, the organisation is simply referred to as Tayto, and you should assume that: the operations are primarily Ireland-based, ownership is both German (Intersnack GmbH) and Irish (Largo Foods directors), and the market for its products is primarily Ireland, the UK, and the 25 other EU countries. Tayto is very innovative. From a small base, it has expanded its food production facilities, added new products/services, and undertaken creative marketing campaigns over the past two decades.

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Based on your own research develop an Innovation Report for one of the product/service areas of Tayto. This should include

  • Title Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Identification, definition, and a brief description of your product/service area.
  • A summary of your Innovation Audit for that product/service area of the organisation.
  • Identification and a brief description of what you are innovating (this could be a specific product e.g. a new food product; brand e.g. a brand variation; product feature e.g. a new flavor; process e.g. a new procurement, manufacturing, service, or delivery system; a new service e.g. customer service; business model; etc.).
  • An innovation framework/model for your innovation.
  • An outline of the future strategic plan for the product/service area and a technology/product/service road map.
  • Conclusion with a short summary and recommendations outlining the considerations Tayto should take in their innovation strategy.
  • References Please refrain from copying and pasting content from the web or from other sources, but instead summarise information effectively.
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