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QQI Level 4 Information Technology Skills 4N1125 Assignment Example Ireland 

In this assignment example we shall focus and discuss the Irish course programme of 4N1125 Information and Technology Skills QQI Level 4. We shall discuss the various learning outcomes of this course module also highlighting the assessment tools used for the assessment of learning outcomes by assessor.

4N1125 Information Technology Skills QQI Level 4 Assignment Sample

QQI component of this course programme have 10 credit value on (NFQ) National Frameworks Qualifications. The purpose of this minor award is to enable the learners to use applications in the information technology. It is being designed to develop the skills in data entry, word processing and using of the internet.

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Course Title – Information Technology Skills

Award Type – Minor

Code – 4N1125 

Level – 4 

Credit Value – 10

Learning Outcomes of the 4N1125 Information Technology Skills QQI Level 4 Course

The information technology are the abilities, knowledge and talent of using, developing, designing, and managing the technology. It is the study of design, management, development of the computer based information, systems that helps in operating and supporting the business within an industry.

We will discuss broadly that how the learners will be able to explain range of information technology concepts, describe the impact of information technology, using a wide range of file management features, an access and use of the word processing package, managing personal email account etc.

These are the following learning outcomes of the 4N1125 Information Technology Skills QQI Level 4 assignment activity :-

Explaining a Range of the Information Technology Concepts and Terminologies 

The learners needs to explain the range of concepts and terms that are associated with information and technology. These terms may include computer hardware components, memory, data storage devices, files or folders, drives, software, input and output devices, internet, LAN, WAN and bytes.

They shall be able to explain the concepts related to information technology that may include the computer information security, network management, business software development, computer technical support etc.

The learners shall be asked in the theory based examination about the various concepts and terms that are used in respect to the information technology by an assessor for the assessment of the various learning outcomes.

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Describing the Impact of the Information Technology on the Personal and Community Life

Information technology have been contributing greatly in our daily lives bringing tremendous change. Such as the use of emails in place of letters, market based shopping to online shopping, class learning to e-learning.

Technology impacts almost every aspect of our lives in the 21st century starting from the food, transport, socialisation, healthcare and to any other field.

This has promoted a network of easy communication among the individuals, privacy to our data, online shopping accessible, better access to information, flexible working hours, virtual social lives, smart health tracking etc.

While the society at large has also been influenced by the use of information technology as it has widened the scope of business, reducing the cost of human labor and increasing efficiency. IT has expanded the cultural connection creating a social development.

Learners will be able to explain the impact of the information technology skills on the personal and community life in detail when being asked by the examiner which shall assess their actual knowledge of subject.

Access and Use of the Word Processing Package 

The learners can easily learn to access the word processing package where they learn to open a file and enter it, edit the texts by inserting and deleting characters, words, sentences, paragraphs. They can format and enhance the texts by using a range of format and enhancement tools.

Text formatting may include line spacing, alignment, joining etc. While the text enhancement includes the italicizing, bolding, changing the size and color of the fonts, underline.

The word processing software can even insert elements from other softwares, create and edit tables, copy, paste, move text within the document. It can insert illustration, add page number, add texts into columns etc. It also uses features to perform the repetitive tasks.

Learners through practical skills demonstration can get an access to the word processing package and to use it’s various features for the preparation of a document. This learning outcome is assessed by a practical examination that is being conducted in the computer laboratories.

Management of the Personal Email Account 

The learners shall learn to use the personal email account and manage it effectively that may include the drafts, deleted items, trash, read or unread emails and contacts.

A personal email account can be managed by creating a waiting folder for the pending emails that requires action, deleting the junk mails from inbox, creation of the templates for go to responses, marking of the emails for follow up, organizing emails by following rules, structuring the mails into categories, using of filters, unsubscribe from the unwanted content etc.

The learners needs to practically demonstrate their skills of managing the personal email account to become more efficient and skilled.

Producing a Hard Copy of the Word Document 

The learners shall be asked in their practical examination to produce a hard copy of 50-70 word document.

They need to know how to use a word processor to be able to produce word document by using different features of it. They must know how to edit, save and do proofreading of document by using a spellcheck to generate a gramatically correct document.

Learners must know how to use a printer and print features to be able to produce a hard copy of a word document. This knowledge and skills of producing the word document shall be tested in the practical examination by the assessor.

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Assessment Techniques for 4N1125 Information Technology Skills QQI Level 4 Course

To display the skills, competence, efficiency and knowledge of the learners and analyse that whether they have achieved their learning outcomes.

The learning assessments needs to be undertaken by the learners.

The all learning outcomes must be assessed and achieved with the help of a minimum intended module learning outcomes set out in the validated programme.

The assessor devises the various assessment instruments which needs to be in consistent with the QQI’s assessment requirements.

Assessment Evaluation

Practical Examination – 80%

Theory Examination20%

  • Theory Examination shows the ability of a learner to recall his knowledge and skills within a set period of time and application of specific theory and knowledge.
  • Practical Examination shows the ability of a learner to recall his knowledge and skills within a set period of time and application of specific theory and knowledge. Practical examination assesses the specified practical skills which is demonstrated in a specific time period.

Grading System

Pass -50%-64%

Merit -65%-79%

Distinction -80%-100

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The above-written assignment example is based on the 4N1125 Information Technology QQI Level 4 course module in Ireland.

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