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QQI Level 4 Work Practice 4N1170 Assignment Example Ireland 

In this assignment sample, we shall discuss about the 4N1170 Work Practice QQI Level 4 Irish course module. We shall focus on and discuss learning outcomes and assessment techniques used for the assessment of learners’ skills, performance, and knowledge in this assignment activity.

QQI component of this course module has 15 credit value on the (NFQ) National Frameworks of Qualifications. The purpose of this minor award is to make the learner skilled and competent to work within an organization carrying out vocationally related tasks over some time with a sense of independence.

4N1170 Work Practice QQI Level 4 Assignment Sample

Course Title – Work Practice

Code – 4N1170 

Award Type – Minor 

Level – 4 

Credit Value – 15

Learning Outcomes of the 4N1170 Work Practice QQI Level 4 Course

The learners can easily identify after the successful completion of this course programme the issues and challenges faced inside the workplace, methods of carrying out the tasks and responsibilities, use of effective communication skills at the workplace, legislation and regulations governing the workplace, and review of personal work practice and performance, etc.

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These are the learning outcomes of the 4N1170 Work Practice QQI Level 4 assignment activity:-

Outlining Various Features of Workplace or Organization

The learners can easily identify various important features of a workplace or an organization. These may include the type of company (private, public, or voluntary), type of working staff and their cultural values, and size of the organization.

One needs to actively participate to understand the tasks taken up in the organizations and key features of the workplace. These may include a composition of the individuals in a group or team in the various departments, common goals or objectives that need to be achieved, division of work, coordination among the staff members, and authority of the different positions in the workplace.

They can examine the process of delegation of authority or tasks done by an individual who is working at a particular position. This also includes examining the various managerial levels and their span of control.

Learners can collect information and can present them in the form of pieces of work over some time by carrying out practical-based research and understanding which shall help them in outlining the features of a particular workplace. This is called a portfolio/collection of work.

Identifying the Challenges  and Issues Affecting the Workplace

Learners can easily identify the various issues and challenges that are being faced by the employees, staff, and employers working in the organization.

There are many internal issues in the workplace like the internal conflicts with the colleagues that affect teamwork and equality in the organization, not addressing the problems, communication problems, discrimination on the various grounds, low staff morale and motivation, interpersonal conflicts, lack of integrity and self-esteem, ineffective training, and the developmental programs.

There are also external issues or challenges like the uncertainty in the global economy and markets, regulatory changes affecting the business decisions, globalization, technological advancements, etc.

The learners through effective learning and participation in the workplace can learn to identify with such issues and challenges and can even devise personal solutions to remove the issues from the organization. This shall be presented in a collection of work.

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Use of the Various Effective Communication Skills in the Workplace

Students of this course module can easily develop and acquire new communication skills in the workplace. The learners need to effectively demonstrate their communication skills.

They must learn to interact in small and bigger groups by using appropriate communication techniques, use of communication technologies, and taking or giving instructions.

The learners shall learn to use the technology to remove workplace boundaries and expand the business. Conference calls, face time, skype calls, messenger chatbots, emails, etc have contributed majorly to high work productivity levels.

While performing the various assigned tasks in the workplace can help them to develop and acquire communication skills. These may include nonverbal communication, listening skills, positive approach, empathy, using of body gestures and language, giving and receiving feedback, etc.

They also learn the ways through which the communication skills in the workplace can be improved by self-recording it in the learner record.

Explaining the Legislations and Regulations of the Workplace 

Learners can explain the various legislations and regulations that govern the workplace. The main legislation that covers the health and safety of the people working in the workplace is Safety, Health, and Welfare at Work Act, 2005. This provides the obligations and rights of the employees and the employers of both working in the Irish organizations.

Other legislations are related to the employees working in the workplace and it is called The Employment Equality Act 1998 – 2005 which prohibits all forms of discrimination at the workplace on various grounds.

The learners through the personal experience of working can learn and deeply understand the laws that are being associated with the workplace and employees.

Review of the Personal Work Practice and Performance 

By the end of this course module, the learners can review their performance, strengths, and areas of weaknesses while they work in the organization. They learn about their areas of skills that require improvement and that can be identified by them easily.

The performance of the learners can be evaluated by the managers which helps them to set goals, and get feedback on their performance and areas with the scope of improvement.

Learners can write their self-assessment for an evaluation of their performance which requires honesty, critical assessment, tracking growth, and maintaining professional conduct. This needs to be recorded in the form of a personal account called a learner record. It records the thoughts, skills, processes, and experiences of the learners.

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Assessment Techniques for the 4N1170 Work Practice QQI Level 4 Course

To display the skills, competence, and knowledge of the learners and analyze whether they have achieved the learning outcomes.

The learning assessments need to be undertaken by the learners.

All learning outcomes must be assessed and achieved with the help of a minimum intended module learning outcomes set out in the validated program.

The assessor devises the various assessment instruments which need to be consistent with the QQI’s assessment requirements.

Assessment Evaluation

Portfolio or Collection of Work – 40%

Learner Record60%

  • A portfolio or Collection of Work is a collection of work which is in the form of pieces produced by the learner over a certain period providing a clear picture of the learning outcomes of the learners. Such collection may be self-generated or in response to the range of activities devised by the assessor.
  • A learner Record is a self-reflection or self-report of a learner record which helps him to assess his performance by describing the experiences, skills, responsibilities, and activities of the learner, etc.

Grading System

Pass – 50%-64%

Merit – 65%-79%

Distinction – 80%-100%

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The above written Irish assignment example is based on the 4N1170 Work Practice QQI Level 4 course module.

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