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QQI Level 5 Intercultural Studies Assignment Example Ireland 

In this written assignment sample we shall discuss about the course module of 5N0765 Intercultural Studies QQI Level 5. This written assignment activity shall focus on the learning outcomes and on the assessment techniques of Project and Learner Record to assess the learning outcomes.

The purpose of this award is to enable the learner to become skilled, competent, and efficient to reflect, analyze, and exploring the various intercultural issues of racism, participation, inclusion, prejudice, etc. It helps learners by providing them with an opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills for active participation in a complex and diverse society.

5N0765 Intercultural Studies QQI Level 5 Assignment Sample

Course Title – Intercultural Studies 

Award Type – Minor

Code – 5N0765

Level – 5

Credit Value – 15

Learning Outcomes of the 5N0765 Intercultural Studies QQI Level 5 Course 

Intercultural studies is a newly evolved field of formal study of social sciences which is a multi-disciplinary subject especially designed to train the students to understand and communicate to accomplish specific goals outside their culture. Learners shall also learn about various aspects and elements related to culture and society.

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These are the following learning outcomes of the 5N0765 Intercultural Studies QQI Level 5 assignment activity:-

Demonstration of the Critical Understanding of Various Intercultural Issues 

The learners can get a deeper understanding and knowledge of various intercultural issues in society. They also need to critically analyze issues of cultural differences to evaluate the various aspects of interculturalism. This needs to be written in a Project brief to get assessed by the assessor.

The issues in intercultural society can be related to racism, ethnicity, color, nationality, stereotypes, cultural preference, identity-based on culture, xenophobia, etc.

Such a deep understanding of the intercultural differences and the issues can be presented in a variety of media in the form of writing, audio, visual, graphics, etc.

Learners need to make a close evaluation and observation of the nature of issues through critical analysis and need present findings related to a chosen issue.

Designing the Appropriate Survey Methods Within the Intercultural Settings

Learners can learn to design the appropriate survey methods for surveying across the different intercultural settings, workplaces, and society.

Such a survey can be conducted with the help of questionnaires interview to explore key choices and challenges in a new cultural environment and examine the ways of cultural promotion in the society.

Learners will become researchers who need to be flexible and innovative to choose appropriate survey modes. They can design sampling schemes, and questionnaires and selects the source of data collection which needs to be accommodated within social and cultural settings.

Cross-national surveys are very effective to make comparisons of the differences in a cross-cultural society. Learners will need to write about the various survey methods for different communities within a culturally diversified society.

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Exploring the Key Legislation For the Interpersonal Relationships in Ireland 

The students need to explore and discuss the key legislations that govern the interpersonal relationships and status equality given to every cultural group in Irish society.

They need to study the laws and conduct research on the various legislations governing the cultural identity and equality of status with the help of a range of interpersonal or discussion skills. This needs to be written in the form of a project brief.

These legislations will include the Equality Act, Equal Status Act, and Employment Equality Act. This Equal Status Act includes the nine grounds of discrimination.

Principles that can Promote an Inclusive Behaviour in the Different Types of Social Settings

In a culturally diversified society, there needs to be an initiative to promote equal opportunities in the workplace, organizations, social clubs, schools, training centers, and other social settings.

Learners through self-exploration and research can devise their principles and strategies to promote inclusive behavior within an organization or other social settings.

In a workplace some principles & strategies that can be adopted for inclusion are formations of inclusion councils, educating the leaders and managers, listening to employees by holding effective meetings, and empathizing with them.

Communication with employees and encouraging them the achievement of common goals and measure their progress in performance. Learners need to take up activities to challenge the conflicts and ways to promote inclusive behavior in a culturally diversified setting. These need to be recorded in form of personal experiences by the learners.

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Examining the Influence of Culture on Personal Identity of an Individual 

Culture has the highest influence on the beliefs, norms, and assumptions of an individual including his attitude, likes, dislikes, and cultural values. It decides our behavior, thoughts, and value system which shapes the individual identity.

The individual possesses a dynamic nature and has constant interactions with their community from which he develops a personal cultural identity from birth.

The learners need to research,  study and examine ways cultural influence can shape the identity of an individual. It gives a sense of individual continuity by reducing personal uncertainty.

Learners need to record their personal experience of their own cultural identity and challenges faced which needs to be recorded in learner records. This will provide a personal reflection of the learner’s account of experience throughout the course module.

Assessment Techniques of 5N0765 Intercultural Studies QQI Level 5 Course 

To display the skills, competence, efficiency, and knowledge of learners and analyze whether they have achieved their learning outcomes.

The learning assessments need to be undertaken by the learners.

All learning outcomes must be assessed and achieved with the help of a minimum intended module learning outcomes set out in the validated program.

The assessor devises the various assessment instruments which need to be consistent with QQI’s assessment requirements.

Assessment Evaluation


Learner Record40%

  • A project is carried out for a long extended period which is involving an adequate amount of research, the process of task design, research, and investigation of a particular topic or practical field activity or performance in an event.
  • A learner record is a self-reflection or self-report of a learner record which helps him to assess his performance by describing the experiences, skills, responsibilities, and activities of the learner, etc.

Grading System




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The above-written assignment example is based on the Intercultural Studies 5N0765 QQI Level 5 course program.

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