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5N0777 Community Development Practice QQI Level 5 Assignment Sample

QQI Level 5 Community Development Practice 5N0777 Assignment Example Ireland 

In this assignment example, we shall discuss elaborately the topic of 5N0777 Community Development Practice QQI Level 5 course module.

This program has 15 credit value in the National Frameworks of Qualifications and equips the learners with skills and knowledge of contributing to the collaborative community development process. Such a development process will take place within a range of community development settings.

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This program is designed to enable community activists to gain a deeper understanding of community development in combination with the practical skills required to work effectively in developmental work.

Course Title – Community Development Practice 

Award Type – Minor

Code – 5N0777

Level – 5

Credit Value – 15

Learning Outcomes of the Community Development Practice 5N0777 QQI Level 5 Course

The learners in this Community Development Practice QQI Level 5 course program will learn the essential features of community development practice and review of community development plans and programmes. They also learn the personal skills of a community member and setting goals for the development of any community in specific.

The successful completion of this course module will enable learner to head for other higher certificate programmes where component is mandatory. The QQI learning component of this module holds a credit value 15 on the National Framework for Qualifications.

These are the following learning outcomes of 5N0777 Community Development Practice QQI Level 5 assignment activity :-

Outlining the Essential and Distinguished Features of the Community Development Practice 

Learners can outline the essential and distinguished features of the community development practice which involves the members of community to solve problems and making decisions. The decisions can be in relation to increasing the competence of the participants and capacity to manage their own affairs.

The success of any community development practice depends upon the group development and achievement of social, economic, environmental and cultural targets.

These community development practices includes an active participation against any social injustice, social taboos, social isolation and exclusion.

It promotes reduction of poverty and suffering, creation of the employment opportunities, developing healthy lifestyles and achieving goals.

Learners will have to carry out the  Project brief which is for extended period of time to write down the various distinguished features of the community development practices for the purpose of assessment.

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Review of the Community Development Programmes that has been Implemented 

There are many community development action programmes which has been planned in specific to be implemented. Learners by their demonstration skills needs to review any such community development activities and programmes.

Wide range of activities differs from one community to another community depending on their priorities, plans, problems or and solutions of a community. To understand the true nature of the action plans learners needs to assess important factors that can make a community development practice effective.

It must be planned for long, well thought of and executed, holistic, inclusive and integrated that can cause benefit to the community initiated by members of the community.

A community development must have components of :-

  • Women Development Programmes
  • Welfare of senior citizens
  • Family life education
  • Child Development Programmes
  • Youth Development Programmes
  • Health and Family Welfare Programmes
  • Communication
  • Education

The learners will need to review all the implemented community development programmes to demonstrate his skills.

Assessment of the Personal Skills Development to set the Community Developmental Goals

The learners when participating actively in a particular community as a member must demonstrate certain personal skills which helps in attaining the developmental goals of the community. He must have equality, flexibility, focus, confidence, values, assertiveness and initiative.

As a community development member one must be capable of working in community groups providing a wide range of activities. He must be able to share resources, knowledge and can act as a facilitator to promote self help in the community.

They represent the voices of the vulnerable, marginalised and target groups and communities to the makers of policy at local and national level.

Learners needs to demonstrate their wide range of personal skills as a member of the community to gain professional experience.

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Selection of the Appropriate Methods and Sources for a Community Profile 

Community Profiling uses a wide range of methods that enables the community to develop a deeper understanding of itself. It involves building up needs and resources of a community with an active participation of that community.

Process of developing community profile involves identifying with community issues and attitudes, summarizing the findings, reviewing social and economic characteristics and studying of the features of inventory areas.

Learners needs to research the various appropriate methods and data sources for developing a community profile and need to undertake a community profile exercise identifying the collective needs. They need to demonstrate their research and study skills to record the findings in a project.

Assessment Techniques of 5N0777 Community Development Practice QQI Level 5 Course

To display the skills, competence, efficiency and knowledge of the learners and analyse that whether they have achieved their learning outcomes.

The learning assessments needs to be undertaken by the learners.

The all learning outcomes must be assessed and achieved with the help of a minimum intended module learning outcomes set out in the validated programme.

The assessor devises the various assessment instruments which needs to be in consistent with the QQI’s assessment requirements.

Assessment Evaluation


Skills Demonstration60%

  • Project is carried out for a certain extended period of time which is already fixed in prior. It involves a process of extensive research on topics, issues or problems. It can involve a process of task design and practical execution of task or performance.
  • Skills Demonstration requires a learner to complete the range of tasks or activities demonstrating series of skills of learners. It is a practical based learning outcome which includes practical skills and knowledge.

Grading System

Pass – 50%-64%

Merit – 65%-79%

Distinction – 80%-100%

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The above written assignment example is based on the 5N0777 Community Development Practice QQI Level 5 course module.

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