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Working with Young People 5N1384 Assignment Sample Ireland

This assignment sample is based on the working with young people course which is a Level 5 course. The overall aim of this course is to enhance the skills, knowledge, efficiency, and competence of the learners to work effectively under supervision in youth work settings.

Working with Young People 5N1384 Assignment Sample Ireland

Successful completion of this program will make the learners shift from one program to another program leading to the completion of other certificates as well where this component is mandatory.

Course Title – Working with Young People 

Code – 5N1384

Level – 5

Credit Value – 15

Purpose of Working with Young People Course

The purpose of this course is to learn to take up responsibilities and roles when working in a youth setting or with young people. It helps in analyzing various roles in a youth group or setting. It reflects upon the kind of relationship and work system value that we create and share with young people at work.

This will also help in describing and analyzing the interventions done by the practitioners working with young people. Assessment decisions will be taken up by the youth practitioner.

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Learners must be interested in the tasks or activities associated with the youth work and must have prior experience supervising a youth group to work and practice before taking admission into this course.

The assessor of this module must be an experienced youth practitioner who must be capable to make assessment decisions.

Learning Outcomes of Working with Young People 5N1384 Course

  • Learners of this course shall be capable of defining the nature of youth work relationships and also helps to focus upon the elements of child protection policy in youth work.
  • It will help in learning the role of supervision and support in youth work practices and identification of important elements of group processes and developments.
  • This module course shall also provide an opportunity to organize appropriate activities for young people with guidance and supervision.
  • This will help in identifying the needs and diversity of the young people within a range of contexts and evaluation of roles and participation in the different groups.
  • Application of principles of good practice in youth work to include partnership, boundaries, inclusiveness, and confidentiality.
  • Identifying the elements of group processes and development and different ways of participation in the groups.
  • Contribution towards the development of quality youth work practices and self-evaluation of roles and participation in the groups.
  • Reflection of own value system while working with young people and review of such learning and development while working with young people.
  • Application of effective reviews and feedback skills.
  • Learning the principles of working within different working groups of youth and their value system.

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Assessment Techniques of Working with Young People 5N1384 Course

All techniques of assessment need to be planned according to the developed strategy which is a part of program submission for validation. Only in exceptional cases, providers may provide an alternative assessment technique for program validation that is reliable and valid, and appropriate to their context.

Group or teamwork also becomes a part of the assessment provided that the learner’s achievement is assessed separately.

All providers are supposed to submit an assessment plan as part of the application for validation of the program. Assessment plans shall include information related to scheduling and integration of assessment.

To be able to demonstrate the skills and knowledge of the learners which are identified in all learning outcomes must complete the requirements of assessments.

The assessor must be responsible for devising the instruments of assessment for example project and assignment briefs, examination papers and such techniques must be consistent with the assessment requirements of QQI.

All learning outcomes must be assessed and achieved with the minimum intended module learning outcomes set out in the validated program.

Skills demonstration will comprise 60% weightage of assessment evaluation while 40% of weightage will rest on Project assessment evaluation.

Skills Demonstration requires a learner to complete a range of tasks or activities demonstrating a series of skills of learners. It is a practical-based learning outcome that includes practical skills and knowledge.

The project is carried out for a fixed purpose and extended period of time which involves research on topics and issues. It can include the performance of tasks or activities or the production of an artifact or event.

Grading System

Pass -50%-64%

Merit -65%-79%

Distinction -80%-100%

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The above-written assignment sample is based on Working with Young People 5N1384.

Youth Work and Community Studies QQI Level 5, Community Participation Course QQI Level 5, Young People and Society QQI Level 5, Childcare QQI Level 5, Child Development QQI Level 5 students can read this sample to gain knowledge on writing such assignments based on course modules.

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