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5N1442 Environmental Studies QQI Level 5 Assignment

In this assignment example, we shall focus on and discuss 5N1442 Environmental Studies QQI Level 5 course module. We shall discuss broadly the learning outcomes which are learned by the end of the delivery of the course and assessment techniques used for the assessment evaluation of the learners.

The purpose of this minor award is to enable the learners with skills, and knowledge to develop a deeper understanding of the key practices of the management of environmental conditions and the processes for implementation.

5N1442 Environmental Studies QQI Level 5 Assignment

Course Title – Environmental Studies
Code – 5N1442
Award Type – Minor
Level – 5
Credit Value – 15

Learning Outcomes of the 5N1442 Environmental Studies QQI Level 5 Course 

This assignment activity shall cover all major learning outcomes of the learners and they shall be able to identify renewable and non-renewable resources and examine various resources. It shall also include the understanding of the concepts of biodiversity and sustainable development.

Learners must learn to examine the environmental issues and the effects of greenhouse effects. They shall also learn to examine the relationship between the growth in the human population and environmental degradation.

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These are the learning outcomes of the 5N1442 Environmental Studies QQI Level 5 assignment activity:-

Examining the Differences Between the Renewable and Non Renewable Resources

Any student who is enrolled in the course study needs to be well acquainted with the concepts of environmental studies. They learn to examine the resources which are categorized either as renewable or non-renewable resources.

A nonrenewable resource is one that cannot be replaced and renewed after its use and is usually limited in its supply. Such as coal, natural gas, oil, fossil fuels, and nuclear energy, etc.

While renewable resources can easily replenish themselves naturally and are unlimited in their supply. They can be replaced and renewed. Such as solar, wind, biomass and geothermal, etc.

In such a situation we can easily identify the added advantage of renewable resources and their importance. As it can form energy that provides better reliable power supplies, energy security, and the conservation of natural resources in comparison to non-renewable resources.

They are also more labor-intensive than fossil fuels and have fewer air pollutants or greenhouse gases making them more sustainable, viable, and cleanest forms of energy which ensures environmental development.

Learners shall be asked in the exam about the differences between renewable and non-renewable resources and the importance of such resources.

Explaining Biodiversity and Sustainable Development 

Words like ‘biodiversity’ and ‘sustainable development are very important when it comes to studying the environment. Biodiversity describes the variety of life forms existing on the planet earth. This includes the several levels from individual species to community and the entire ecosystem where life interplays with the physical environment.

It shows the evolution of various species over the millions of years, their survival, and their adjustment to the various environmental conditions also including the food chain in the ecosystem.

While the word sustainable development can be defined as the ability to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the needs of the future generations.

Learners in this course module need to research and prepare a project report on the ways of biodiversity conservation and to enhance sustainable development in the system and present their own experience and learning.

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Examining the Greenhouse Effects on the Environment 

Learners shall be able to explain the greenhouse gas effects on the environment and atmosphere of the earth. It is the effect of warming the surface of the earth with radiation that can increase the normal temperature.

Infrared radiation are emitted from the earth’s surface and some radiation escapes while some radiation gets absorbed by the atmosphere of the earth which has greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, nitrous oxide, and other fluorinated (synthetic) gases.

This greenhouse effect causes major global warming as the temperature of the earth rises. Global warming is caused by air pollutants that can easily absorb the sunlight and solar radiation trapping the heat and making the earth hotter.

Learners need to understand the impact of global warming and the greenhouse gas effects on the atmosphere and must add them to the project work.

Examining Range of National Environmental Issues 

A wide range of the national environmental issues in Ireland can be examined by the learners may include sudden changes in the climatic conditions, greenhouse gas effects, eutrophication of inland waters, and depletion of natural resources.

The learners need to closely study and research the chemical exposure, disruption in climatic conditions, and water treatment infrastructure that can cause a greater risk to the lives of Irish people and the environment.

Some of the major environmental issues of the earth in 2021 that have been enlisted are plastic pollution, loss of biodiversity, deforestation, global warming from fossil fuels, melting ice caps, air pollution, food, and water insecurity. A research report needs to be presented on various national environmental issues of Ireland and ways to cope with the same.

Examining the Relationship Between Population Growth and Degradation of the Environment 

The students of this Irish course unit shall be able to explain the relationship between the growth in population and environmental degradation. A rapid growth in the world population has increased the density which has forced the people to stay below the poverty line creating immense pressure on the natural resources.

An increase in population growth means exploitation of natural resources and environmental degradation. This growth in the human population has increased urbanization and the rise in demand for fossil fuels for the generation of electricity and other sources.

This has also impacted the forest areas and quality of air leading to deforestation, overfarming, global warming, eutrophication, and lack of fresh water. This has depleted the resources and environment into non-sustainable.

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Assessment Techniques of 5N1442 Environmental Studies QQI Level 5 Course

To display the skills, competence, efficiency, and knowledge of the learners and analyze whether they have achieved their learning outcomes.

The learning assessments need to be undertaken by the learners.

All the learning outcomes must be assessed and achieved with the help of a minimum intended module learning outcomes set out in the validated program.

The assessor devises the various assessment instruments which need to be inconsistent with the QQI’s assessment requirements.

Assessment Evaluation
Examination Theory – 40%
Project – 60%

  • Examination Theory shows the ability of a learner to recall his knowledge and skills within a set period and application of specific theory and knowledge.
  • Project is carried out for a certain extended period which is already fixed prior. It involves a process of extensive research on topics, issues, or problems. It can involve a process of task design and practical execution of tasks or performance.

Grading System
Pass -50%-64%
Merit -65%-79%
Distinction -80%-100%

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The above-written assignment example is based on the 5N1442 Environmental Studies QQI Level 5 course module.

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