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QQI Level 5 Challenging Behaviour 5N1706 Assignment Example Ireland 

In this assignment sample we shall focus upon the 5N1706 Challenging Behaviour QQI Level 5 course programme. It shall also discuss in this assignment activity about the learning outcomes and the various assessment instruments used for the assessment of the learning outcomes.

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The minor award shall enable the learners with knowledge and skills in supporting the individuals with intellectual disability and who have any challenging behaviour.

Course Title – Challenging Behaviour 

Award Type – Minor 

Code – 5N1706 

Level – 5

Credit Value – 15

Learning Outcomes of the 5N1706 Challenging Behaviour QQI Level 5 Course

The challenging behaviour is also known as the ‘culturally abnormal behaviours’ which has intensity and frequency to put the other persons into serious danger and jeopardy.

It is a behaviour that can limit the mental faculties of a person in such a way that it does seriously impact his behaviour. Such type of behaviours can be due to social, physical, biological, environmental and psychological factors.

These are the following learning outcomes of the 5N1706 Challenging Behaviour QQI Level 5 assignment activity :-

Explain the Various Internal and External Factors Causing the Challenging Behaviour 

A learner after having completed studying this course programme gets accustomed to many new concepts and knowledge of the challenging behaviour. He can now understand and explain various internal and external factors that causes challenging behaviour.

This challenging behaviour is seen mostly in those individuals who are suffering from the condition of dementia, developmental disabilities, psychosis and other mental injuries and conditions. Apart from them any other person from a different category can also demonstrate such behaviour.

The internal factors which may be responsible for the challenging behaviour in an individual could be due to any long term effects of medication, pain, trauma, feeling of exclusion, loneliness, devalued, labelled, negative thoughts and sensory simulation.

While some of the external factors that are responsible for the challenging behaviour are social interaction, boredom, seeking for any social interaction, lack of knowledge of community norms, insensitivity and environmental factors (lighting, noise) etc.

Learners can research upon the various important factors that can cause a challenging behaviour in a person and this must be written into a Project for an assessment.

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Gathering Information About an Individual with Intellectual Disability to Plan Support 

An extensive research can be done by the learner on a particular individual who is suffering from condition of intellectual disability to understand his nature and to plan a support for him. Such a person usually have self injurious and aggressive behaviour or even repetitive behaviour as they find difficulty in the comprehension.

The phases of such an individual with challenging behaviour are trigger, escalation, crisis and then finally recovery.

Many behavioural strategies such as Applied Behaviour Analysis, Operant Conditioning and Positive Behaviour Support are positive approaches that can be used for responding to the behaviour of an intellectually disabled person.

Eidetic Model of Growth can also be used for the challenging behaviour. A Positive Behaviour Support is the person centered approach which can also be used as an effective tool for addressing the challenging behaviour.

Learners can study personally the case of such an intellectually disabled person to analyze his behaviour and to gather relevant information in relation to such condition.

This needs to be written record or projection in the form of a Project work for an assessment by the assessor.

Distinguising Between the Inappropriate and Challenging Behaviour  

Learners shall be studying in the course about actual differences between an inappropriate and challenging behaviour.

An inappropriate behaviour means an unwarranted conduct that is unreasonably interpreted to be demeaning or offensive. The persistent repeated inappropriate behaviour can be disruptive and turn out to be harrassment that can be treated as a disruptive behaviour.

While a challenging behaviour is usually self harming that displays a behaviour that can put the other individuals at risk. People with the learning disability have this issue at most.

Learners can learn and pose the many different examples of inappropriate and challenging behaviour to understand them. For this they can research on these behaviours as a behaviour analyst and can be written in a project or assignment.

Outlining the Values of the Positive Behaviour Support 

There is a Positive Behaviour Support which can improve the overall quality of life of a person and others surrounding him. It is a support system for the people with problematic behaviour which helps in reducing the challenges of behaviour.

It is a person centered approach providing a long term support to people with autism, learning disability and other conditions. It has values that may include the  promotion of choice, inclusion, participation and equal opportunities.

The positive behaviour support framework includes the stages of first considering a person, his needs and circumstances, then reducing intensity of challenging behaviour, replacing behaviour with preventive techniques and lastly taking help from the mental health professionals.

Learners can research seperately on the topic of Positive Behaviour Support and make an analysis of the same which can be written in a Project for an assessment.

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Assessment Techniques of 5N1706 Challenging Behaviour QQI Level 5 Course

To display the skills, competence, efficiency and knowledge of the learners and analyse that whether they have achieved their learning outcomes.

The learning assessments needs to be undertaken by the learners.

The all learning outcomes must be assessed and achieved with the help of a minimum intended module learning outcomes set out in the validated programme.

The assessor devises the various assessment instruments which needs to be in consistent with the QQI’s assessment requirements.

Assessment Evaluation

Project – 60%

Assignment – 40%

  • Project is carried out for a certain extended period of time which is already fixed in prior. It involves a process of extensive research on topics, issues or problems. It can involve a process of task design and practical execution of task or performance.
  • Assignment is meant for shorter period of time unlike the Project which is being carried out for a specific period of time. It is made in response to a brief with specific guidelines.

Grading System




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The above-written assignment example is based on the 5N1706 Challenging Behaviour QQI Level 5 course program.

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