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5N1769 Creative Arts For Early Childhood QQI Level 5 Assignment Example Ireland 

In this assignment sample we shall discuss Creative Arts For Early Childhood QQI Level 5 course. The purpose of this assignment learning programme is the child care, development, education, welfare and wellbeing through it’s creative opportunities.

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This will enable a learner to be skilled and competent in gaining experience in creative arts while performing activities with regard to stages of development of the child by using the different forms of creative arts. Such creative arts might include the art of music, dance, crafting, drama, painting, etc.

Course Title – Creative Arts for Early Childhood 

Award Type – Minor

Code – 5N1769

Level – 5

Credit Value – 15

Learning Outcomes Of Creative Arts For Early Childhood 5N1769 Course

Creative arts are the activities that engage with the imaginative skill of the child which takes the form of art and creation.

These are some of the open-minded activities that foster the flexibility and cognitive abilities of the mind. It helps in the promotion of creative arts in an early childhood setting that has many benefits for children and learners.

Learner record and portfolio is to be maintained by the learner of all the learning experiences gained by him while engaging in creative arts with children.

Skill demonstration needs to be presented while exploring the environment of an early childhood setting.

These are some following learning outcomes of the Creative Arts for Early Childhood 5N1769 QQI Level 5 assignment sample.

Exploring Creative Arts For Children in Early Childhood Setting 

There are various creative media opportunities for children which needs to be explored in their full potential by the learner. Learners will learn to examine such a variety of creative opportunities for the children in an early childhood education setting.

A research work needs to be carried out by learners for project that will be assigned to them by their assessor. With the help of research and survey the learners can analyse the right type of creative arts for young children which will be appropriate for their age and cause no harm.

Such children can be interested in the music, arts, sculpture, drama, crafts which will help in shaping their personalities.

Exploring Role of An Adult in Securing Safe Environment For Children 

Young adult learners through their practical demonstration skills will devise many methods to make the immediate environment around the children safe and secured to be creative.

They need to work upon the task of creating a safe and secured environment on practical grounds for the children so that they do not harm themselves while being creative.

This includes picking up natural colours and items for painting and sculture. Using of such natural materials for creative arts within indoor and outdoor environments. It can also include removal of any physical blocks or blockages in the indoor or outdoor setting for the children.

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Summarizing Benefits of Participation of Children in the Creative Arts

The benefits of creative arts in an early childhood setting have many positive impacts on the physical and mental health of children. Such creative skills enhance the gross and fine motor skills of a person throughout his childhood.

Creative arts make the children emotionally abled and explore control over their emotions which allows them to be passionate and expressive with their creative skills. This makes the children more accountable and responsible for such creative activities.

Theater, role play, drama are few creative arts that help children in developing their emotional ability.

Creative arts foster the development of cognitive abilities of children as creativity involves imagination which boosts their mental ability.

Learners on the instructions of the assessor will have to present their collection of work or portfolio in relation to exploring the creative arts and benefits for the children.

The portfolio is presented by the learner as a brief of understanding the benefits of creative arts in an early childhood setting which can also act as a learner record at the end of assignment submission.

Participation With Children in Their Creativity to Gain Experience 

Learners can actively get engaged with the children in their arts and creativity which gives them a clear understanding of the choices and preferences of the children.

This provides the learners with experience of working with young children and respecting their individual choices and decisions. It helps children to grow confident, outspoken, and responsible for any task or activity that is being taken up by them. Such appropriate use of creative arts promotes the holistic development of young children.

Learners need to practically demonstrate the skills to actively engage with the children to learn about their preferences in creative arts.

Reflection of One’s Own Role and Responsibilities When Engaged in Creative Arts With Children 

When learners actively participate in the creative arts with children gains personal experiences and knowledge. Through such learning experiences learners can reflect upon their role and responsibility when engaged in creative arts with children.

It helps them to be more careful and mindful of health and safety of children. Such experiences can be written and recorded in the learner record which needs to be submitted mandatorily at the end of this assignment activity.

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Assessment Techniques of Creative Arts For Early Childhood 5N1769 Course

All forms of assessments must be planned in accordance with the programme assessment strategy which is developed as a part of programme submission for validation.

Only in some exceptional cases the assessment techniques can be replaced with other techniques of assessment for programme validation and this can only be decided by the assessor himself.

An Assessment Plan needs to be submitted as a part of application for the validation of programme.

To display the skills, competence, efficiency and knowledge of the learners and to analyse that whether they have achieved all their learning outcomes. Learning assessments needs to be undertaken by the learners.

All learning outcomes must be assessed and achieved with the minimum intended module learning outcomes set out in the validated programme.

An assessor devises assessment instruments which needs to be consistent with QQI’s assessment requirements.

Assessment Evaluation

Portfolio or Collection of Work60%


  • Project is carried out for a certain extended period of time which is already fixed in prior. It involves a process of extensive research on topics, issues or problems. It can involve a process of task design and practical execution of task or performance.
  • Portfolio or Collection of Work is a collection of work which is in the form of pieces produced by the learner over a certain period of time providing a clear picture of the learning outcomes of the learners. Such collection may be self generated or in response to the range of activities devised by the assessor.

Grading System

Pass -50%-64%

Merit -65%-79%

Distinction -80%-100%

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