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QQI Level 5 Infant And Toddler Years Assignment Example Ireland

In this assignment sample, we shall discuss and highlight the Infant and Toddler Years 5N1779 FETAC Level 5 course. The purpose of this award is to enable a learner to become competent, skilled, and efficient in the theory and practice of care, development, and education of infants and toddlers.

Each learner will be provided with an opportunity of gaining knowledge and complete their assessments in Early Childhood Care and Education setting.

5N1779 Infant and Toddler Years Fetac Level 5 Assignment Example

Successful completion of such a course shall enable a learner to achieve other higher certificates in other programmes where this component is mandatory.

Course Title – Infant and Toddler Years

Award Type – Minor 

Code – 5N1779

Level – 5

Credit Value – 15

Learning Outcomes on Infant and Toddler Years 5N1779 Course

These are the following learning outcomes that learners get by the end of the Infant and Toddler Years 5N1779 assignment activity or course module.

Such learning outcomes include a range or series of skills for practical understanding of the theories. Skills need to be demonstrated to devise the play programs for infants and toddlers.

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Child Mental Health and Psychology

Learners can explore the science of neurology with infants and toddlers while working in an early childhood care education setting. It helps in understanding the science behind the physical and psychological development of the brain of an infant or toddler. Such a development is from birth to the first three years of a child.

They can get information on Child Psychology and Mental Health from different QQI Level 5 and 6 courses. Some of the courses are Child Psychology QQI Level 5 for understanding the psychology of children.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy QQI Level 9, Mental Health QQI Level 6, and Counseling and Therapeutic Studies for providing therapies and counselling sessions to the young children who are dealing with regular stress and trauma in their homes.

Such stress can be due to the fights and quarrels between their parents, the death of a parent, child abuse, facing bully or teasing in the school, etc.

Demonstration of Parent’s Counseling Skills

They can understand the contribution of parents and carers towards the overall learning and development of an infant or toddler in the first three years of his life.

Learners can demonstrate their practical skills and knowledge with the help of parents counselling to explain to them the contribution that can be made towards the holistic development of their child.

Therapeutic Play Skills with Infants and Toddlers 

Students of this programme also understand and identify the benefits of playing with an infant child or toddler for his balance and development.

To make the children engage in regular playing, learners can make many play programmes for them which will promote the physical and cognitive development of a child. Montessori Training QQI Level 6 and Therapeutic Playskills are two courses that can further help in learning about the benefits of play in the early years of childhood.

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Critical Analysis of Developmental Stages in Children 

Exploring the physical, cognitive, social, cultural, language, spiritual, and emotional development of an infant or toddler. There is a Child Development QQI Level 5 course certificate that explains the various developmental stages of a child from the early years to the later stages of his life.

They will be asked to critically analyze the developmental stages of children and to make a class presentation explaining the same. Assignment on child development will also be handled by the learners for assessment of their learning outcome.

Planning of Child’s Health Safety, Hygiene, and Wellbeing through Practical Skills 

Planning safe healthy indoor and outdoor activities for infants and toddlers and ensuring their safety and wellbeing.

Application of such principles of practice of child development that includes hygiene routine and ritual for the children. Positive thoughts communicate and give them a sense of security, belongingness, and identity.

All these aspects are covered under Child Health and Wellbeing QQI Level 5 and Workplace Food Safety and Hygiene QQI Level 5 courses.

Regular practical demonstration of hygiene practices, food hygiene, and safe playing must be promoted in an early childcare setting.

Project work shall be assigned to the learners at the end of this learning to display your research work on various play programmes and child development.

Promotion of Positive Relationships for Children through Parenting Programmes 

Learning ways of foster care for infants and toddlers and generating a positive environment for the child to ensure positive relationships. It affects the overall quality of the relationship between child and parent.

There are foster care homes and centres in Ireland and Tusla which is a Child and Family Agency that takes care of such toddlers. Children and Family Relationship Act, 2015 comes into play.

Such learners can develop various parenting programmes and the Irish government has also come up with the child development programmes like National Healthy Childhood Programme.

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The legality of Childcare and Education in an Early Years Setting 

Understanding the legal policies and regulations in Ireland regarding childcare and education in early childhood care and education setting.

Such legal provisions and policies shall be governed by the Childcare Act, 1991, UN Convention on the Rights of Child (1992), and Childcare Regulations 2006.

Assessment Techniques of Infant and Toddler Years 5N1779 Course 

All types of assessments must be planned accordingly with the programme assessment strategy which is developed as a part of programme submission for validation.

Group or teamwork can form a part of the assessment and each learner must be assessed separately.

An Assessment Plan needs to be submitted as a part of the application for the validation of the programme.

To display the skills, competence,  and knowledge of the learners learning assessments needs to be undertaken by the learners.

All learning outcomes must be assessed and achieved with the minimum intended module learning outcomes set out in the validated programme.

An assessor devises assessment instruments that need to be consistent with the QQI’s assessment requirements.

Assessment Evaluation


Skills Demonstration40%

  • Skills Demonstration requires a learner to complete a range of tasks or activities demonstrating a series of skills of learners. It is a practical-based learning outcome that includes practical skills and knowledge.
  • The project is carried out for a fixed purpose and extended period which involves research on topics and issues. It can include the performance of tasks or activities or the production of an artifact or event.

Grading System

Pass -50%-64%

Merit -65%-79%

Distinction -80%-100%

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