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QQI Level 5 Maternity Care Support 5N3746 Assignment Example Ireland 

In this assignment example, we shall discuss in detail the 5N3746 Maternity Care Support QQI Level 5. We shall also discuss the learning outcomes in the elaboration and the assessment techniques used for the assessment evaluation of the learners.

The purpose of the minor award is to enable the learners with skills and knowledge to assist the midwife in caring for pregnant women, families, babies, and new mothers. QQI component of this course has 15 credit value in the (NFQ) National Frameworks of Qualifications.

5N3746 Maternity Care Support QQI Level 5 Assignment

Course Title – Maternity Care Support
Award Type
 – Minor
Level – 5
Credit Value – 15

Learning Outcomes of the 5N3746 Maternity Care Support QQI Level 5 Course

Maternity care support is the specialized care for women who are pregnant and during the phase of childbirth. It provides care to newborn infants and the midwives who are clinically trained to do so.

Learning outcomes of this course module shall cover the various physical, emotional and social needs of the mothers during the different phases, benefits of breastfeeding, maintenance of hygiene, infection and prevention control in a maternity care setting, grief process of the death during the childbirth, clinical skills, etc.

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These are the learning outcomes of the 5N3746 Maternity Care Support QQI Level 5 assignment activity:-

Explaining Physical, Social, and Emotional Needs of the Mothers in Different Phases of Pregnancy and Post Delivery

The learners through active involvement and learning can now easily demonstrate their skills of understanding the different needs of the mother during intrapartum, antepartum, and postpartum time periods.

The new mother in the early postpartum days has the tendency of physical aches and pains due to the labor and delivery. There is incision pain due to cesarean section, afterpains uterus due to contractions, vaginal postpartum bleeding, hemorrhoids, vaginal tear pain, soreness, constipation, breast engorgement, etc.

Some of the emotional reactions of a mother are disappointment, irritation, impatience, anxiety, eating trouble, sleeping disorder,  difficulty in making the choices, restlessness, sadness, loss of self-esteem, poor concentration, feelings of isolation, memory loss, etc.

In such a scenario a mother during different phases of pregnancy and post-delivery needs family, friends, and parents’ support. The spouses of such women need to be more understanding of these situations. The community or social support also acts as a great social support system for them. In such cases of postpartum depression, the mothers need to be in direct contact with doctors, psychiatrists, and mental health professionals.

The Learners need to summarize and explain the various needs of the mothers and study their postpartum, antepartum, and intrapartum needs thoroughly.

Discussing the Benefits of Breast Feeding for Both the Child and Mother

The students of this course shall be able to discuss and hold on to the conversation with the help of the skills demonstration on the benefits of breastfeeding for the mother and her child.

Babies and toddlers who are being breastfed have comparatively a  stronger immune system with a low risk of gastroenteritis, cold flu, other respiratory diseases, constipation, and diarrhea. It gives a better vision to the child and low risk of bacterial meningitis with a low mortality rate. It benefits the child in his growth years and in his adulthood days.

It promotes fast weight loss in the mothers, normalizes the size of the uterus, and lowers depression, urinary infection, and anemia. It is very beneficial for the mothers at an emotional level.

This also lowers the risk of many diseases like breast and ovarian cancer, cardiovascular, respiratory, osteoporosis, hypertension, etc. The act of breastfeeding creates an emotional bond between the mother and child.

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Describing Process of Grief in the Mothers During the Loss of Baby Due to Death or Miscarriage  

The HSE National Standards for Bereavement Care in Ireland have several guidelines that can grant care to the patients and families after the loss of a baby or perinatal death. These standards are built for the patients from all religious, ethnic, social, and cultural grounds where appropriate palliative care is to be provided to the baby and families.

The loss of an infant due to stillbirth, miscarriage, or neonatal death is a very traumatic event for parents. The grief becomes much more complicated due to lack of social support, relationship difficulties, and no surviving babies. It can cause risks of developmental delays, mental health issues, and stillbirth.

The woman and her spouse can cope up with their grief with the help of a grief counselor, spiritual or religious leader, mental health specialists, psychiatrists & social workers who can help them to get problems resolved.

Learners can be asked to make an assignment brief describing the process of grief in mothers during their pregnancy and post-delivery due to the loss of a child and need to explain it in elaboration.

Investigating the Importance of Infection Prevention and Control in the Maternity Care Room 

The mothers are provided with maternity care support for their own health and their babies and they themselves need to follow a hygiene routine and comfort as well. All types of equipment, mattresses, beds, incubators, and feeding equipment must be cleaned and well maintained.

Apart from the prevention of infection control, there must be a provision of adequate drinking, hygiene, and sanitation facility which is also considered important for quality care for mothers in a maternity care setting.

The healthcare staff and nurses who are in charge of the maternity unit must regularly maintain hand hygiene before and after sterile procedures with a regular twenty-four hours water supply with soap and antiseptic solutions in the operating areas.

Staff must be trained to take daily precautions against the spread of bacteria and viruses which can spread contagious illnesses. They must wear protective clothing like gloves, masks, and aprons, etc.

The infection prevention and control team includes surveillance and management, maintaining the cleanliness of the equipment, and environmental hygiene. They can prevent, manage and reduce the risks of infection outspread in the hospital.

The learners with a demonstration of research and investigative skills can explain the importance of the prevention and control of infection and its importance in a maternity care setting.

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Assessment Techniques for the 5N3746 Maternity Care Support QQI Level 5 Course

To display the skills, competence, efficiency, and knowledge of the learners and analyze whether they have achieved their learning outcomes.

The learning assessments need to be undertaken by the learners.

All learning outcomes must be assessed and achieved with the help of the minimum intended module learning outcomes set out in the validated program.

The assessor devises the various assessment instruments which need to be inconsistent with QQI’s assessment requirements.

Assessment Evaluation
Skills Demonstration60%

  • Assignment is meant for a shorter period of time, unlike the Project which is being carried out for a specific period of time. It is made in response to a brief with specific guidelines.
  • Skills Demonstration requires a learner to complete a range of tasks or activities demonstrating a series of skills of learners. It is a practical-based learning outcome that includes practical skills and knowledge.

Grading System
Pass -50%-64%
Merit -65%-79%
Distinction -80%-100%

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The above-written assignment sample is based on the 5N3746 Maternity Care Support QQI Level 5 course module.

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