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QQI Level 5 Sustainable Water Management 5N5027 Assignment Example Ireland 

In this assignment example, we shall discuss in detail the 5N5027 Sustainable Water Management QQI Level 5. We shall also discuss learning outcomes in the elaboration and the assessment techniques used for assessment evaluation of the learners.

The purpose of the minor award is to make the learners efficient and competent to work independently. They can be under the supervision of the sustainable water management environment and be well acquainted with the water management methods and strategies. QQI component of this course has 15 credit value in the (NFQ) National Frameworks of Qualifications.

5N5027 Sustainable Water Management QQI Level 5 Assignment

Course Title – Sustainable Water Management
Award Type – Minor
Code – 5N5027
Level – 5
Credit Value – 15

Learning Outcomes of the 5N5027 Sustainable Water Management QQI Level 5 Course

Sustainable water management means using the water in such a way so that the present physical, biological and ecological needs are met without compromising on the ability to meet future needs.

The learning outcomes of this course unit shall cover the groundwater importance as a long-term reservoir in the hydrological cycle, the wide range of terms used in the hydrologic, water-related issues, the effect of trees and vegetation on groundwater table, the importance of wetlands, groundwater discharge, etc.

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These are the following learning outcomes 5N5027 Sustainable Water Management QQI Level 5 assignment activity:-

Explaining the Importance of Groundwater as the Part of Hydrological Cycle 

The learners by the end of this course program shall be able to explain the hydrological cycle of the earth with all the processes of land and ocean to the atmosphere and then precipitation.

The groundwater acts as the long-term reservoir of water on earth. It plays a vital role in the hydrological cycle. It helps in continuing the cycle as water evaporates, forms the clouds, and returns to earth in the form of rainwater.

Such precipitation can either move to the earth’s surface into the water bodies while some seeps down as the groundwater which comprises 98% of the world’s reliable freshwater supply source. This groundwater acts as a source of recharge for the lakes, wetlands, and rivers, and a huge amount of water is used in irrigation systems for growing crops.

Examiners can ask questions in relation to the importance of the groundwater in the hydrological cycle in the theory-based exam for an assessment evaluation of the learners.

Identifying a Wide Range of Water-Related Issues 

The water problems or issues can be wide in number when it comes to making the water fit for human consumption. There is the inadequacy of fresh clean water, scarcity of water, and poor infrastructure for water accessibility.

One of the major water issues is water contamination which has reduced the availability of water for sanitation, drinking, agriculture, and other purposes. There are many water chemicals and harmful pollutants found in these water bodies which can cause contagious and many water-borne diseases.

Water scarcity is another major issue that is faced due to the lack of freshwater resources to meet the demands of water. This is called the water crisis which is faced at the global level. Such crisis is due to population growth, changes in climatic patterns, drought, global warming, and pollution.

There is also eutrophication of water which is the prime cause of fresh water and coastal marine damage and impairment globally. When an excess of minerals and nutrients gets accumulated into freshwater bodies which are characterized by the excessive growth of plants and algae on the surface of the lakes it is called water eutrophication.

An over-extraction of the water is causing declining groundwater levels and drying up of the rivers. When water abstraction remains unmonitored and unregulated it can cause the greatest impact on agriculture and industrial processes.

Learners can identify a wide range of water-related problems which shall be asked in the examination.

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Explaining the Effects of the Trees and Forest Cover on the Groundwater Table

The learners can test the effects of the vegetation, forest and tree cover on the groundwater levels with the help of personal learning and experience which should be written in the learner record and an assignment brief needs to be prepared on this simultaneously.

An examiner can ask questions from this particular section which shall be subjective and learners need to explain the impact of forests on groundwater levels in detail in the theory-based examination.

From many past surveys around the globe, it has been observed that the groundwater levels are recharged at maximum with the heavy density of the trees. The management of the trees can automatically improve the water resources management and the groundwater table.

Though the increase in the density of the trees can have a negative impact as well as can increase the level of interception of rainfall and transpiration. While it positively increases infiltration, streamflow, and preferential flow and reduces soil evaporation.

Learners can learn both positive and negative impacts of trees and forest cover on the groundwater table.

Explaining the Importance of Wetlands for Natural Habitat 

Wetlands are very important for the landscape which can improve the quality of water and protect them. They also improve the wildlife habitat for different species of animals that are endangered or threatened and the fish habitat.

It stores the floodwaters and helps in maintaining the surface water flow during the dry season. It makes the most important part of the ecosystems in the world. Wetlands can add value to natural water, protects from flood, control shoreline erosion, and improve the water.

This has saved the natural habitat and many recreational activities have been generated like fishing, wildlife observation, photography, etc. It has improved productivity and the water supply by acting as a purifier of the natural waters and reducing storm damage.

Learners can learn the importance of wetlands and the examiner can ask questions regarding this and present their personal learning in the form of a learner record.

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Assessment Techniques for 5N5027 Sustainable Water Management QQI Level 5 Course

To display the skills, competence, efficiency, and knowledge of the learners and analyze whether they have achieved their learning outcomes.

The learning assessments need to be undertaken by the learners.

All learning outcomes must be assessed and achieved with the help of the minimum intended module learning outcomes set out in the validated program.

The assessor devises the various assessment instruments which need to be inconsistent with QQI’s assessment requirements.

Assessment Evaluation
Examination Theory – 40%
Assignment- 30%
Learner Record -30%

  • Examination Theory shows the ability of a learner to recall his knowledge and skills within a set period of time and application of specific theory and knowledge.
  • Assignment is meant for a shorter period of time, unlike the Project which is being carried out for a specific period of time. It is made in response to a brief with specific guidelines.
  • Learner Record is a self-reflection or self-report of a learner record which helps him to assess his own performance by describing personal experiences, skills, responsibilities, activities of the learner, etc.

Grading System
Pass -50%-64%
Merit -65%-79%
Distinction -80%-100%

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The above-written assignment example is based on the 5N5027 Sustainable Water Management QQI Level 5 course module.

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