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Sample Essay on adapt to new challenges or changes at the workplace 

This essay will focus on the adapt to new challenges or changes in the workplace by the employees. Its primary focus is to highlight the adaptability and flexibility of workers in the healthcare industry. When a person joins a new workplace, he may face challenges and changes there. In such a situation, adaptability and flexibility by the employees is the only intelligent thing to do.

Several of our personality traits help in dealing with certain situations as it makes us more adjustable at the workplace. The more a person or an employee could be adaptable, the more his possibility of survival at the workplace and in the job market. Embracing a change in the workplace remains the only possible solution for an employee.

In this scenario, he needs to demonstrate flexibility and deal with the workplace’s challenges. The employer should introduce various methods and techniques to make the organization’s existing employees comfortable with workplace changes and challenges.

Importance of workplace adaptability and flexibility in the healthcare industry

In recent years, the healthcare system has been enduring the strain of increasing demand for healthcare workers. So, there is a need to adapt to new challenges or changes in the workplace. There has been a sudden rise in demand for rectification of healthcare shortages and limiting the expenditures. The current solution for staff shortage may have created some ease but must be met with gratifying results to produce efficiency and sustainability.

There is an interest in learning new skills and a willingness to adapt to changes in this industry. In this department, flexibility is being introduced as a good way to address both concerns on employee shortages and meeting patients’ needs. To enhance the adaptability and flexibility, tasks and skills acquired through traditional role boundaries will have to be broken or altered.

Workforce flexibility determines an employee’s ability and interest in work. It ensures tackling of cost efficiency and productivity for clinical activities. The approaches to better workforce output are decided based upon initiatives to improve staff retention and motivation, and this can be achieved through :

  • Workforce planning to align the needs and priorities of the organization with staff. Allowing flexibility in career and job planning. Creating reliable staff schedules and more opportunities for professional development.
  • A work environment or culture that encourages employee participation where there are effective decision making and communication strategies.

Workplace adaptability determines an employee’s ability to acquire and demonstrate new skills.

Introducing technology in the medical field can be quite daunting but not impossible. For the hospitals and healthcare organizations to stay competitive, they need to stay innovative through technological advances.

Robotics, AI, and virtual reality are the new improvements making headway into the medical field. Yet only 40.3% of the organization globally are sufficiently well prepared for this change into patient care.

Adaptability and flexibility add value to the workplace. Agile organizations are more stable and dynamic as they cope with ambiguity. It manages better any uncertainty in a more efficient way. Company leaders face a struggle with changes and difficulty with being slow or too bureaucratic and unresponsive—leaders to be adaptable and flexible as it leads to better business outcomes.

Hospitals and other medical organizations suffer the stoic, all too traditional work approach. Improving the quality of work that could be achieved by enhancing staff adaptability. It can be done through task shifting or by any reorganization. Such techniques can develop human and digital skills to embrace technological progression. Senior management and human resources professionals should seize the opportunity to collaborate technical skills with cognitive technological skills to allow hospitals to function best.

Some new challenges or changes in healthcare workplaces

  • Cybersecurity – Data breaches, breach of patient records, and other types of cybersecurity concerns are not new to this industry. But with the outbreak of pandemic Covid 19 in 2020, it revealed the drawbacks of cybersecurity force. It has revealed that just how vulnerable sensitive patient health information really is. Digital health initiatives, telehealth doctor, has contributed majorly to the risks of cybersecurity. As more healthcare functions continue to move online over the next year, it is important to ensure processes are protected from outside threats.
  • Telehealth – With the Covid 19 pandemic encouraging minimal in-person human interaction. The telehealth sector faces major issues like a potential digital health bubble and an uncertain regulatory future.
  • Price Transparency – This is an issue for patients as they face difficulty in payments due to a lack of options. Constant failing to pay their financial responsibilities is confusion due to a lack of transparency. It will remain an important challenge, even in the future.
  • Shortage of health staff – In this pandemic year, even the best countries with medical facilities are running short of medical staff and doctors. This situation seems to prevail even in the coming years.

Methods of handling change in the workplace 

  • Maintaining a positive attitude- Any employee or worker who faces workplace changes must have a positive work approach. His attitude and approach towards the new challenges at the workplace make all difference.
  • Recognition of change is constant – One needs to realize that the workplace changes and challenges are a part of their work culture. Acceptance of the change is the key to success and handling of work. It also prevents you from getting bored in the current role and challenges you to work on projects you haven’t done before.
  • Communication – Communicating with the manager about your work goals and related issues. Talking and trying to create a great interpersonal relationship with other colleagues and staff could help an employee handle tasks. It helps in handling the challenges and changes at his workplace.
  • Self Reflection – An employee who wishes to adjust to changes and face challenges at the workplace could self reflect his work. He could do a self-reflection of his accomplishments, progress, and his new role in the job. This will help him to self assess and evaluate his own performance in the new environment.
  • Learn new skills – Employees could learn new skills and master them. Once he gets proficiency in his new skills, it gives him a better understanding of the new work. Also helping him to fight challenges and face changes at the workplace.
  • Helping others cope with change – When an employee helps his colleagues cope with new challenges and work-related stress, it also helps him return. While helping others deal with challenges, he also learns many new things in this process and may also appreciate it.

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