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Adolescent Psychology Essay Sample

Following written sample will highlight the key aspects of child and adolescent psychology and it impacts on the various aspects of an adolescent person. An adolescent faces a growing pressure to be responsible and trustworthy while they deal with issues like sexuality, drug abuse and peer pressure.

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Adolescent psychology helps in understanding the transitional phase of the child to an adult. It helps in the child’s overall development and supports them in their growth and transition. It helps the adolescent to identify his own potential and growth.

The Psychology of Adolescence states that he is most likely to have certain traits different from other childhood group and they are:-

  • Being impulsive.
  • Have accidents and gets involved in physical fists and fights.
  • Misunderstanding emotions and social cues.
  • Make dangerous choices and taking risks.

Development of a person from childhood to adulthood is a complex process and involves many stages. Teenagers or adolescents tend to behave, think or feel in a different way than the rest of the people as they’re in their transitional phase of life.

During the puberty, adolescents experience changes in the neurotransmitter in the limbic system. The hormonal upheaval or an imbalance leads to an outburst of emotions in young children and adults as they’re sensitive towards stress and rewards.

The cognitive development in an adolescent also creates an impact on identity and social behaviour of him. They tend to be a better explorer in this phase by contemplating positive identities.

Physical or Sexual Development and it’s the psychological impact on adolescence 

There are many physical changes that take place in the body of both boys and girls of this age. For instance -Girls start getting their menstrual cycle, develop breasts, have public hair while boys have nocturnal emissions and their voices deepen.

From the perspective of adolescent psychology, brain development is very important in this stage. There are areas of the brain that controls the behaviours and emotional experience of an adolescent person.

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The physical and changes in sexual organs affect the thinking and behaviour of adolescents. They develop sexual awareness and may become sexually active. Teenagers face many challenges related to their changed physical appearance and development. Adolescent psychology helps them to deal with physical changes and help them feel positive and powerful.

Cognitive Development and it’s the psychological impact on adolescence 

Adolescence brings new challenges and methods of thinking and reasoning abilities. Teenagers develop cognitively, as they gain the ability to think abstractly. Imagination and complex problem solving, logical reasoning develop in this phase. They understand the mathematical equation, ideas of spirituality and love in a better way.

They tend to question more and start thinking outside of themselves. Their focus shifts from the trivial personal issues of life to global issues and challenges in society. The complete outlook of adolescent changes with time as they now can make effective career choices and decisions.

Emotional Development and its impact on adolescence psychology 

Teenagers or adolescents are more inclined towards their friends for emotional support. They start keeping different opinions than their parents and usually have conflicts with them.

They create effective interpersonal relationships with other students and friends by experiencing a different set of emotions. It’s normal for adolescents to need privacy and create body image issues. In early adolescence, they may experience sexual activities but no control or balance in their emotions. Adolescent psychology helps them in teaching to manage emotions and creating relationship values.

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They deal with competition from peers socially and academically. Parents relationship amongst them and with children creates an impact on the mental health of the child. Child and Adolescent Psychology can provide them with tools for social interaction and help them nurturing their relationship on their own.

Moral Development and its impact on adolescence psychology 

Adolescents develop their sense of morality during this phase. Their transitional phase from authority to social order creates an impact on their psychology and mindsets. They are concerned with doing what is morally correct and beneficial even if it isn’t a legal right. They value the moral and ethical values given at their homes which shows the psychological development of an adolescent.

Child and Adolescent Psychological issues

Child and adolescent psychology deals with teenagers who have mental health issues. Some of the common mental health issues are:

If the child or adolescent is diagnosed with any of the above mentioned mental health issues then they need to receive help from a psychiatrist and a therapist. Adolescent need to skillfully handle these health concerns in to make themselves as better individuals.

Sometimes a primary caregiver or a parent is not the correct person to help an adolescent with his life decisions. Some of the methods that adolescents value is the student’s counsellor and privacy. Therapists and mental health workers are specialised in adolescent psychology. They can provide a safe place for the teenager to learn new skills to help them cope with life changes. There are various child psychology counsellor and family counsellor who helps children to have a healthy mindset and atmosphere back at home thereby creating effective interpersonal relationships with parents.

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Above written essay on Adolescent psychology can be read for reference purpose by students and not for copying as it may amount to plagiarism. This sample can be referred by the Psychology, QQI Level 5 and 6, Health care services, Childcare, Wellbeing and even by Law students dealing with the child psychology laws.

It focuses upon the physical, cognitive, social and psychological behaviour of a child and adolescent person. It can also be used for writing the college assignments based on Child Psychology factors influencing and impacting on the psychological theoretical models of child and adolescent. This sample could also be read along with the Child Care Act 1991 and Child and Family Act (Family Laws).

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