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Alzheimer Disease Essay For Irish Students

In the handout, you will get all the details about this brain disorder i.e. “ALZHEIMER”. What are its symptoms, cure, medicines required, and much more? In fact, the information that we shall provide here will help you in writing Alzheimer Disease Essay!!

Alzheimer Disease Essay For Irish Students

Now, the students studying in Ireland, and, enrolled in the FETAC or QQI Courses like nursing, healthcare should definitely read this article. Because you need to know each and everything about this disease. The reason being, in college you might be asked to write a college essay on Alzheimer’s disease or an informative essay on Alzheimer’s disease.

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What is Alzheimer’s?

To start with, first, let us know about Alzheimer’s disease. It is basically a brain malfunctioning that results in lowering down the memory and the thinking ability of the patient. Further, it results in hampering their capability of performing their daily chores. Also, this disease normally develops in the late years of a person beginning from the age of 60.

Main Cause of Alzheimer Disease:

People often ask that “What exactly is Alzheimer and what causes it?”. Basically, Alzheimer’s happens by deposition of some unwanted proteins around the cells of the brain. These proteins are called Amyloids. The deposit and form plaque around the cells. Thus, the person’s, sensory part is affected. The transmitters called the neurons, that give messages to the body start decreasing. Hence, the person begins to lose his/her memory.

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The other reasons for Alzheimer disease can be:

  • Genetic Issues
  • Alzheimer may develop with Age
  • Injuries  in the Brain or Head
  • Diseases that are caused by the wrong lifestyle, for example, cardiovascular ailments.

What are The Symptoms of Alzheimer’s?

The signs of this disease may differ according to the different stages of Alzheimer’s. The stages are broadly classified into the Early Stages, middle, and the late stages. The symptoms of Alzheimer for each of these stages is  as follows:

  • Symptoms for Early Stage:

Forgetting the names, about the latest conversations,  losing on things or misplacing them, asking the question, making more efforts in recalling a particular word, etc.

  • Middle Stage Symptoms:

Increased confuse state of mind, patients start to wander, improper sleep, is not able to speak, a lot of mood swings, hallucinating things begin to happen.

  • Late Stage Symptoms:

Losing weight, not able to speak at all, stop eating, cannot swallow food, etc.

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Major Difference in Dementia and Alzheimer:

Often people are confused between Dementia and Alzheimer’s. The answer is that Alzheimer’s is a much more specific disease than dementia. Dementia is used in a broad term as a mental disability but Alzheimer’s might lead to dementia also.

Treatment and the Medicines for Cure  of Alzheimer

For the patients suffering from this brain problem, it is important to assist them in the right way. The first step should be to visit a doctor and discuss the history of the patient. Treatment given to the patients includes Cognitive stimulation therapy, the use of antidepressant medicines, working with the patient, knowing his life history. Using medicines like Memantine, AChE, etc might be successful choices in curing Alzheimer’s disease.

Furthermore, In the worst cases, Alzheimer patients might develop blood clots if not treated properly. Also, the medications should begin at right time. Due to severe memory loss and forgetfulness, the patient’s situation may worsen.

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