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Roles and Duties of the Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) Essay Sample 

The following essay sample shall focus on the roles and duties of advanced nurse practitioners (ANP) in the healthcare sector.

An advanced registered nurse (ANP) is a professional nurse and professional who has completed his education program of graduation level in advanced nursing. They discharge their duty or responsibility of patient care which may also include midwives and anesthetists who perform the role of an advanced nurse practitioner.

Roles and Duties of the Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) Essay Sample

They can perform their duties in collaboration with other health care professionals or even independently. ANP along with the other health carers can assess, treat and diagnose the condition of the patient by providing them primary healthcare.

They can also give advice to the carers, patients, and co-workers or professionals to maintain clinical expertise. They provide education to the other staff and students training for nursing and can also undertake research work.

Duties of an Advanced Nurse Practitioner 

An Advanced Nurse Practitioner has many primary duties for which he or she is accountable for his own actions. Following are some of the duties of an advanced nurse practitioner:-

  • ANP can clinically assess, diagnose and provide treatment to patients who require medical attention. They can use their clinical knowledge and skills to deliver holistic care to the patients who are in need of it.
  • They can develop and manage highly specialized advice of care to the patients through diagnosis, management, making treatment plans, and fast-track referrals.

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  • ANP works with the practice innovation to deal with ambiguous problems, and emergency situation to develop advanced primary care services for benefit of patients and carers.
  • They develop the management, communication, and negotiation skills to build therapeutic working relationships with a wide range of voluntary organizations for taking care of the patients and facilitating good working culture.
  • Advanced nurse practitioner (Anp) is even engaged in the research, evaluation, and development. They develop and deliver presentations to large groups and empower staff to develop presentation skills to promote good practice.
  • ANP works to introduce any new developments that can improve the clinical outcomes for patients and is able to demonstrate through the presentation. They can represent the interests of individuals and families when they themselves are able to do it.
  • They undertake an annual review of the patients to understand their ability to self-manage and undertake medication reviews. They can also actively implement any safety protocols for children and vulnerable adults so that the concerns can be addressed timely.
  • They take initiative to carry out the health programs and health screening to ensure that the team members are aware of the agenda and screening programs.

Role of an Advanced Nurse Practitioner 

The role of advanced nurse practitioners keeps on changing in response to the changing needs in the healthcare of people and challenges in relation to them. They respond to the healthcare needs of the patient and clients to develop their roles accordingly.

They face many challenges in the healthcare sector in relation to a rise in health costs, ineffective treatment, and the non-availability of technologies.

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Nursing has multiple definitions with different advanced roles in practice. They play the hybrid role and also of a midwife and advanced health professional.

  • ANP utilizes the competencies and skills in performing activities of physical or mental health assessment of patients with needs by making a diagnosis to be able to deliver care.
  • They develop plans to meet the social care and health needs of the patient.
  • ANP can play the role of a doctor by providing primary care and developing closeness with the community. They create long-term relationships with the patients and work in partnership to achieve health.
  • They utilize the therapies such as CBT on patients with mental health issues and can work independently in a multi-disciplinary team to exercise values of leadership.

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The above essay sample shall highlight the roles and duties of an advanced nurse practitioner in the healthcare unit.

Healthcare QQI Level 5, Nursing QQI Level 5, Wellbeing QQI Level 5, Nursing and Midwifery QQI, Careskills QQI Level 5 students can read this sample to gain a better understanding and awareness of Nursing and Healthcare topics.

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