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Care of the Older Person with Arthritis Disease Essay Sample

The following essay sample shall focus on the care of the older person who has a condition of arthritis, a common type of arthritis in the older person, and the treatment of arthritis in them.

The condition of arthritis is very common among older adults especially. There are varied types of arthritis that have different symptoms and treatments which attack the joints in every part of the body.

Care of the Older Person with Arthritis Disease Essay Sample

Arthritis causes severe pain in the joints, redness, soreness, and inflammation which damages the joints in the body. Millions of older and middle-aged adults are suffering from the conditions osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and gout.

Common types of Arthritis in Older Adults

Arthritis can be of different types and have different medications. We will discuss arthritis which is most common in old people.

There are other types of arthritis like Ankylosing spondylitis (spine), reactive arthritis, psoriatic arthritis (skin), etc.


Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis in older adults and is caused due to wearing up of cartilage tissue that aids the bones in a joint. The wearing up of the tissue leaves the bones to rule against each other.

It occurs mostly in the weight-bearing joints of our body causing symptoms of stiffness, mild pain, and redness in the joints. It gets worse when there is a strain on the joints of a person.

When there is a lack of physical activity or movement in the joints of a person for a long time it causes stiffness and severe pain in the person. It may even result in a permanent disability of the back, knees, or hips. It is also be caused due to overweight, injuries, or even overuse of the joints.

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Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis is an anti-immune disease in which the body attacks the joint lining so that it can be protected from any injury and disease.

There is an inflammation in the joint which lasts for a longer time causing stiffness, pain, and swelling for longer hours. It is more common in women and old people to feel sick most of the time due to this condition.

This disease can attack any part of the body including feet, neck, elbows, hips, fingers, hands, wrists, etc. It affects both sides of the body parts and it not only destroys the joints but also the organs of the body. Such as the eyes, heart, blood vessels, nervous system, muscles, etc.


Gout is the most painful arthritis which attacks the connective tissue when the uric acid forms in the joints causing redness, stiffness, and pain in the joints.

When some person is overweight and uses drugs with alcohol it can worsen the condition.

It attacks the big toe and joints in the body causing retention of fluids in the joints making the skin red and tender.

Care and treatment of Older Adults with Arthritis 

As mentioned above there are different types of arthritis that can be handled in different ways with the help of some common treatments.

  • Eating the right healthy diet and getting proper sleep along with some exercises instructed by the physiotherapist can help in the treatment of joints and preventing it from the attack of arthritis.

Wearing the right footwear and shoes and not exerting pressure on the joints can help in dealing with the arthritis condition.

  • There are medications that are available for easing the pain of arthritis. Acetaminophen, Naproxen, and Ibruprofen are anti-inflammatory drugs that can be used for the treatment of inflammation.

Medication can help in controlling the pain of osteoarthritis and surgery can also be performed to replace the damaged joints.

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  • There are anti-rheumatic drugs called the PMARDS (disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs) which have anti-inflammatory properties. Prednisone medicine can ease the pain and biological response can block the damage done to the immune system.
  • NSAIDs or corticosteroids like prednisone can help in treating the acute attack of gout. It can help in easing the pain and swelling and make the person feel better after the treatment. Such a gout attack can vanish away completely within a span of a few days.
  • Daily exercise can strengthen the joints and muscles of a person by keeping them active and reducing symptoms of arthritis.

Swimming, yoga, and other exercises which involve the joints can help in reducing the pain of the muscles around the joints and making it stronger. It makes the body tissues flexible and reduces stiffness.

Weight training exercises can build muscle strength that supports and protects the joint. Aerobics also helps in reducing joint swelling.

Running, walking, and riding a bicycle is all good for not only for heart health and nervous system but also prevent any weight gain.

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The above sample is written on the care of the older person who is suffering from the condition of arthritis disease.

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