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Essay sample on Attempted Suicide

Suicide is the primary cause of unnatural death in Ireland, and suicide re-attempts serve as a significant economic burden across the nation. The students of Ireland preparing for an academic essay on attempted suicide need to research about risk factors of suicide re-attempt. Some of the risk factors include genetics and neurotransmitters which make people commit suicide. Depression is one of the most substantial risk factors due to which adults and youths attempt suicide. It becomes efficient for the students of Ireland to take help from expert essay writers for preparing an outstanding essay in a short time.

Essay sample on Attempted Suicide

Individuals suffering from depressed mood can experience a lack of interest in daily activities and low energy for performing tasks. It can make people serious about their life, and a decrease in confidence levels become a reason for attempted suicide. Irish students need to understand behavioral factors and analyze why people attempt suicide. Substance abuse and negative thinking are some of the critical reasons why an individual can attempt suicide. The college students can ask can you write my essay for the professional team of Irish writers.

Factors contributing to suicidal behaviors

  • Mental disorders such as anxiety disorders, depression, mood disorders, and critical personality disorders can contribute to attempted suicide behaviors. People who are suffering from depression are at high risk to attempt suicide.
  • Psychosocial suicidal factors can lack the individual to get social support. Moreover, the sense of isolation among the individual can force them to attempt suicide.
  • There are many social expectations for females and males such that females are more likely to express their feelings as compared to males. As a result, there are high chances of depression for females, and hence they are more prone to a suicide attempts.

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  • Psychiatric factors contribute to suicidal attempts, especially among those individuals who are suffering from eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, and major depressive disorder. Individuals suffering from such disabilities are at high risk to attempt suicide.
  • Heroin, cocaine, and other substance abuse are common risk factors that contribute to suicidal factors. Teenagers who are addicted to substance abuse are at high risk to attempt suicide.
  • Family and some socio-economic issues contribute to suicide risk. It is because homelessness, unemployment, social isolation, poverty, and other life stress increase the chances to attempt suicide.

Methods of suicide prevention

Generally, suicide prevention methods and treatment are based on the risk factors of the patient. The students of Ireland can study the underlying conditions necessary for preventing suicidal thoughts. Psychotherapy is one of the most beneficial techniques for suicide prevention.

Sometimes, psychotherapy also refers to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. In this method, the individual who is suffering from a variety of mental disorders is taught new ways of how to deal with stressful life experiences. Individuals can learn how to redirect negative thoughts and cope with stress by getting proper psychotherapy treatment. Along with it, Dialectical Behavior Therapy is also beneficial to stop recognizing unhealthy actions. It helps decrease the prevalence of attempted suicide.

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Sample on attempted suicide essay in Ireland

Title: Do medications an excellent preventive measure of suicide?

There exists some controversy for using medications as a prevention method to suicide. It is because some of the medications used in the treatment include some side-effects and thus contribute in risk to attempt suicide. Antidepressants used as a medication for treating the mental disorder can increase suicidal thoughts. However, the risk of medications intake depends on the age factor. According to research, in older individuals, the risk of antidepressants almost gets diminished, whereas, in teenagers, the risk of medication is high.

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