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Attention Essay Sample Ireland

The following essay sample is written on the concept of attention, the importance of attention, methods to build focus or attention, and five types of attention.

An ability to pay attention is the psychological process of active assessment of specific details or information in the environment to choose important aspects and ignore the rest. It is an important skill of survival throughout the history of mankind.

Attention Essay Sample Ireland

Attention is limited to a certain time frame or period and the ability to manage the attention resources effectively. It helps a person to bring focus on certain aspects of life by creating awareness and taking important decisions related to it.

Maintaining focus is an important challenge for the human mind and to achieve its tricks, medications, and strategies are used to help people.

Attention helps people to regulate and filter thoughts, sensations, information, and perceptions that are not relevant to them and helps in focusing the energy on important aspects of life.

Importance of Attention 

  • Attention is very important for learning and growing in the educational system. It helps in every aspect of our lives including school, job, and relationships.

It helps people to make memories out of their personal experiences by avoiding any distractions from performing any specific tasks.

  • Children and newborns are very attentive to the stimuli present in their immediate environment such as noises.

Sounds of bells, toys, and mere physical touch can cause the infant to produce reflexes. These orienting reflexes of a child help him throughout his lifetime.

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  • Attention helps any individual to build strong bonds and successful relationships. If such attention is being compromised then any such relationship becomes very challenging.

People who are habituated to any addictive substances like caffeine, smoke, etc find it difficult to pay attention. While also the people who have serious mental health issues struggle to pay attention to the most important aspects of life. They lack the focus to maintain long and steady relationships.

Methods to Build Focus or Attention

People usually remain distracted due to both internal forces and external thoughts. Their minds lack focus due to distractions and their attention remains divided.

There are a few methods through which attention can be built with the help of practice. Some of them are:-

  • Researchers claim that with the help of practice muscles can be strengthened. Similarly with the help of techniques and strategies a long-term capability to focus can be built.

One of the most effective techniques is mindfulness which helps the brain to direct attention to important things in life.

  • Training minds with mindfulness practice can make people calm and focused as soon as the mind starts wandering with thoughts.

Through this process, people start accepting thoughts by developing awareness and sustaining attention. Meditation is also a very important tool in bringing effective focus and attention to work.

  • Researchers also suggest that sometimes daydreaming during the day helps in the management of thoughts in our minds. It improves our problem-solving skills and in maintaining good mental health.

It is a process of focusing and defocusing which helps in solving the challenges of personal and professional life.

  • Young children who usually get distracted quickly due to many different options of playing with toys suffer from engagement. They must be provided only with a few toys to help the children focus and be creative.
  • Sleeping is another important way of regulating attention. It helps in balancing the hormones which regulate our cognitive minds and development. It improves our productivity, focus, and attention.

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Types of Attention 

Various types of attention are being used by different types of people in their daily lives. Some of the main types of attention that can be classified are sustained attention, selective attention, focused attention, alternating attention, and limited attention.

Sustained Attention 

Sustained attention is also known as ‘concentration’ which is the ability to focus on one thing for a long and continuous period. People who remain concentrated on one task engage themselves in behaviour until the task is completed within a given time frame.

Selective Attention

Selective attention is the ability to choose to attend only to certain selected stimuli in an environment by not paying attention to the rest of the things. One chooses only selective thoughts by filtering out other thoughts in an environment. A person needs to cease paying attention to both internal and external distractions.

Focused Attention 

Focused attention is immediate attention that is important to give a certain stimulus to the environment. It may include any visual or auditory stimuli which require immediate attention and a quick response to it.

Alternating Attention 

Alternating attention is required when a person is involved in any multitasking job. It is required when there is a need to juggle between two or more things that require different amounts of attention. It is focusing on more than one thing at the same time and being able to move effortlessly from one task to another.

Limited Attention 

Limited attention is the divided attention between multiple tasks. People do not shift their focus but rather attend to the stimuli at the same time by responding simultaneously to the multiple demands.

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The above-written sample is based on the psychological topic of attention and focus and various aspects related to it.

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