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AY590 International Corporate Finance assignment Example NUI Galway Ireland

Completing an International Corporate Finance assignment can be a daunting task, but it is a great opportunity to learn more about global business practices. This guide will walk you through the different parts of the assignment and offer some advice on how to complete it successfully.

International corporate finance can be a complex topic, but businesses need to understand the basics to make sound decisions when expanding overseas. In short, international corporate finance refers to the financial management of companies that operate in more than one country. This includes things like foreign exchange rates, cross-border payments, and risk management.

Businesses need to be aware of the risks associated with doing business internationally, such as fluctuations in foreign exchange rates and political instability in other countries. They also need to be mindful of the various tax implications of conducting transactions across borders. By understanding the basics of international corporate finance, businesses can make informed decisions about expanding into new markets and protecting their finances while doing so.

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In this section, we are describing some tasks. These are:

Assignment Task 1: Analyse current and proposed structured and unstructured capital investment, working capital, and financing solutions in a strategic context and offer corporate financial decision recommendations to senior management teams to facilitate the realization of corporate strategic goals.

To maintain a healthy liquidity position, businesses need to have a certain amount of cash on hand to cover expenses that come up unexpectedly and day-to-day costs. This is known as working capital.

There are a few different ways for businesses to secure the necessary funds to maintain a positive working capital position. One option is through the use of short-term loans, which are typically used to finance accounts receivable, inventory, or short-term liabilities.

Another option is the use of long-term loans, which can be used to finance fixed assets such as property or equipment.

A third option is through the use of equity financing, in which business owners sell shares of their company in exchange for cash.

The International Corporate Finance assignment is typically worth 100 marks. It’s important to remember that the assignment is not about finding the “correct” solution but rather demonstrating your understanding of various corporate finance concepts.

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Assignment Task 2: Understand and apply a range of corporate finance tools and techniques to assist in making investment and financial decisions.

One such tool is the discounted cash flow (DCF) model, which takes into account the time value of money. In other words, it discounts future cash flows back to the present to calculate their present value.

This is done by using a discount rate, which is a measure of the riskiness of an investment. The higher the discount rate, the lower the present value of a future cash flow. This is because investors require a higher return on investment when there is greater risk involved.

Other factors that need to be taken into account include future growth rates and inflation rates. By using a range of corporate finance tools and techniques, you will be better equipped to make sound investments and financial decisions.

The International Corporate Finance assignment is typically worth 100 marks. It’s important to remember that the assignment is not about finding the “correct” solution but rather demonstrating your understanding of various corporate finance concepts.

Assignment Task 3: Critically evaluate the usefulness, relevance, and limitations of corporate finance theory in supporting investment and financing business decision-making.

Corporate finance theory is a key tool for businesses when making decisions about where to allocate their capital. The theory provides a framework for investors and managers to examine investment opportunities and assess the risks and rewards of various financial decisions.

While corporate finance theory is extremely useful in guiding decision-making, it is not without its limitations. The most significant limitation is that the theory relies heavily on models which may not accurately reflect the real world. In addition, the theory does not take into account all potential factors that can affect a business’ bottom line, such as political or environmental risks. Overall, while corporate finance theory should not be considered the only factor in making financial decisions, it remains an essential tool for any business looking to optimize its resources.

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Assignment Task 4: Apply, and critically evaluate the relevance of financial and non-financial information in a range of investment and financing decision-making situations.

In a broad range of investment and financing decision-making situations, information about a company’s non-financial performance can be relevant to an assessment of its financial condition and prospects.

Non-financial performance information can be important in assessing a company’s risk profile and creditworthiness, for example. And, in some cases, it may be possible to glean insights into a company’s future financial performance by examining trends in its non-financial indicators.

However, it is important to note that non-financial indicators should not be relied upon exclusively when making investment or financing decisions. Financial information is still critical for assessing a company’s overall health and prospects. Furthermore, the interpretation of any non-financial indicator can be complicated and sometimes misleading.

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