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B9MG008-Strategic marketing Analysis essay sample for Irish students

Undoubtedly, companies grow better with the proper marketing plan. The goal of the marketing plan template is to make a positive differentiation within an organization according to the client’s perspective. By choosing the best marketing essay topic, the students of Ireland can prepare an impressive B9MG008 essay.

Through strategic marketing analysis, an organization can focus on its strengths and differentiate itself from the crowd. It becomes more accessible for the company to provide better value and service to the customers. The students need to focus on developing marketing strategies and plan for producing a knowledgeable essay paper.

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Critical phases involved in the process of strategic marketing analysis

  1. Marketing effective strategy: The various aspects of the organization, like technology, strengths, and weaknesses, get to assess. The overall state of the organization gets presented to the team of management through a simple marketing plan example. After analyzing the opportunities and threats related to the company, it is necessary to prepare the marketing mix strategy. It consists of the various components enhancing a brand’s value.
  2. Set marketing goals: It is essential to set product goals and critical marketing strategy definition for obtaining success. Moreover, the product needs to get marketed in such a way that it becomes efficient for the clients. By working on the brand strategy and useful features, the company can focus on marketing success.
  3. Focus on four Ps: The four essential P’s of marketing include price, product, place, and promotion. In this place, the essay about product and service helps in enhancing the branding identity and focus on business success. Moreover, it is beneficial to prepare schedules in which there is the allocation of tasks within specific periods.
  4. Collection of resources: It is essential to implement the phase required for efficient marketing success. After that, it is beneficial to raise the capital needed to promote and develop new services within the industry. By focusing on the adequate resources which are helpful for marketing essay introduction, the companies can proceed towards success.
  5. Evaluation of plan: The strategic marketing plan is cross-checked with the desired goals to check if they are aligned or not. If the goals are not exact, then the team of marketing needs to improve the marketing implementation plan example until the deviations between goals and plan end.

Importance of strategic marketing analysis within an organization in Ireland

Strategic marketing helps in enhancing the performance and success chances of an organization. There are some of the marketing strategy steps which enhance business productivity.

  • It helps in detecting the efficient resources which help in beating the overall competitive environment.
  • The collected data through strategic marketing analysis helps in planning for future activities and proficient plans.
  • By having the best marketing essay, the organization can establish achievable objectives for marketing.
  • The strategic marketing plan helps in developing effective services along with products for providing the company with exclusive benefits.
  • The organization can create optimal services and products for consumers through a practical strategic marketing analysis.

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Critical sample on B9MG008- Strategic marketing Analysis essay Ireland

Title: What is the difference between strategic marketing and marketing strategy?

The strategic marketing and marketing strategy are both two different terms, which include evolving different meanings. Strategic marketing refers to the method through which a company can focus on its strengths ideally and provide better services to customers. However, a summary of the marketing strategy shows that it is the plan formulated to target people and convert into the best services.

Strategic marketing is related to the management level and improves product quality. Moreover, the marketing strategy includes creating a specific strategy for the services. The strategy should consist of distribution, promotional plan, and price of the service. The marketing strategy essay conclusion should include crucial factors like organizational performance and enhances the behavior of customers

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