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Child  Behavior & its Management Essay

Behavior management’s special needs can result from temporary problems in the early life of the child or can represent more enduring disorders. Some children have extremely challenging behaviors that are outside their age limit. The common behavior disorders include CD (Conduct Disorder), ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder), and many more. The students can study various behavior management theories for preparing a knowledgeable essay paper.

Child  Behavior & its Management Essay

It is necessary to treat behavior difficulties among children from the early years. Various behavior management techniques for challenging behavior include cognitive behavior therapy, parent management training, treatment for associated issues, and medication. The students can take help from professional writing services for developing a reflective academic essay.

Common behavioral problems in children

  • Aggressive behavior: If the anger of children turns into aggressive behavior, then it creates a big problem. Various behavior disorders like psychosis, trauma, conduct disorder, mood disorders, frustration, and many more can cause aggression in children. The easiest way to respond to children’s aggressive behavior is to yell back at them.
  • Abusive language: The students can study behavior management courses to know how to control their emotions and impulses. Children yell when they are angry and use abusive language to bring others into an argument. When a child uses offensive language, then parents need to correct them immediately.
  • Bullying: Bullying, a serious problem can result in physical and emotional abuse of others. Children who bully others try to show that they are more powerful. Parents need to teach their kids that bullying is wrong from an early age. By setting behavior management strategies and standards in the house, parents can prevent their children from bullying.

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  • Laziness: It is not easy to motivate children. Whether it is school work, music, or art practices, children refuse to participate if they are lazy. Parents need to share their childhood experiences with their children to encourage them to try new things. By inspiring children, parents can build up interest and make them responsible.
  • Lying: It is common to find children lying. The child can lie when they get scared, and thus it becomes essential for parents to teach them to be honest. The parents should appreciate behavior support plans in Ireland instead of punishing children for preventing their need for lying.

How do treat behavioral disorders among children?

Behavioral disorders among children are complex and need to get treated in early childhood. Children who exhibit behaviors of CD can also have ADHD, depression, and anxiety. Children with untreated behavioral disorders may develop to be dysfunctional adults. Efficient treatment for correcting behavioral disorders includes:

  • Anger management: The child should learn how to recognize their anger and growing frustration. The parents should follow stress management skills and relaxation techniques to treat behavior disorders among children.
  • Family therapy: It is essential to help the entire family to improve problem-solving and communication skills.
  • Social training: The child should get encouraged how to play with others, have a conversation, and study in a team. By managing challenging behavior in the classroom, the child can learn the importance of teamwork.

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Sample on behavior difficulties and their management essay in Ireland

Title: What are the risk factors in children’s behavior difficulties?

Gender is one of the factors which show great behavior difficulties among children. The boy child suffers more from behavioral disorders as compared to girls. Premature birth and low birth weight can contribute to behavior problems among children. Moreover, problems in families contribute to children’s behavior difficulties like poverty, domestic violence, and poor parenting skills. Furthermore, issues of writing and practice reading skills contribute to behavioral problems. There are many other social problems enhancing behavior difficulties among children.

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