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Fundamental Principles of the Behaviour Science Essay Sample 

The following essay sample shall highlight the definition of behaviour science, the importance of studying behaviour science of humans and principles of behavioural science in health education.

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Behavioural science is a discipline which studies human behaviour, actions and science related to it. It includes the elements of cognitive neuroscience, psychiatry, social science, psychology and biology behavioural aspects of a person.

It is closely associated with the study of social sciences and very experimental in nature. It explores the cognitive processes of the organisms (generally human) and their interactive behaviour with other organisms.

Behaviour is the conduct of a person of what he does and how he responds to the external stimuli and the science behind it is known as behavioural science. This science of behaviour includes a controlled scientific and natural research investigation on human behaviour.

This behaviour science is a branch of social science studying human habits, actions and intentions that can be applied in the various fields.

All the elements of sociology, psychology and anthropology are combined together to create a strong research and observation about human behaviour so that it can be communicated by the behavioural scientist properly to make effective decisions.

Categories of the Behaviour Science 

The behaviour sciences can be divided into two broad categories of information and relational sciences.

Information processing sciences deals with information processing of the external stimuli which is obtained from the external social environment by cognitive entities to engage in the decision making and social judgement about the behaviour of an organism.

It includes social psychology, social neuroscience, behaviour analysis, cognitive science and psychobiology.

Relational sciences deal with the relationships, communications,  networking and interactions between organisms or cognitive entities in a social system.

It includes social psychology, dynamic network analysis, social networks and behaviour science.

The above-mentioned disciplines help in shaping the behaviour, learning, leadership skills and motivation in the individuals.

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Principles of Behaviour Science in the Health Education 

Behaviour science affects the various dimensions and aspects of a person’s life, behaviour and health.

We will discuss some of the main principles that have been derived from the behavioural science theories and models used in health education research and behaviour.

  • Behaviour is not an event rather a process – Acquiring new behaviour is a process and not a single event and is often attained through a continuous process of learning and interventions.

It is a well-researched science which has identified steps meant for promoting specific program which emphasises on the gradual change in the behaviour of a person.

It teaches the psychological, behavioural and monitoring skills which is necessary for the successful performance of a person. It also teaches tracking their own progress in behaviour and setting up of goals.

  • More rewarding experience leads to repetition in the same behaviour – When a person performs a task or experiences a particular event that is pleasant and seems positive to him. Such a person is bound to repeat the same actions and behaviour that led him to such a rewarding experience. He takes it as a positive experience which will reinforce positive behaviour.

While an unpleasant experience creates a less likely situation of repeating the same behaviour that led him to the situation.

  • Behaviour is influenced by the external social factors – Any behaviour is influenced by social factors like the surrounding physical or social environment. It does not have any distinct identity rather it is multidisciplinary in nature that is controlled by the external regulatory factors.

The individual behaviour change can be promoted by promoting environmental changes and various ecological interventions.

  • Social relationships and norms have a great influence on individual behaviour – The social bonds and relationships have a great influence on the behaviour of a person as it influences his social group.

Every set of social group members have a common behaviour as they influence each other’s behaviour in the group. They have consistent participation with a certain class of people or social group that influences their behaviour.

  • Behaviour science theories are researched and evaluated – Behaviour science theories in practice can be guided only by the research and evaluation process. The practitioners can apply the behavioural science theory in the situations only after conducting a proper well-defined research and evaluation process.

Importance of Behaviour Science Research

The behaviour and social sciences research and studies are meant for understanding the behaviour of humans and improving the quality of life.

The behaviour has a collective impact on the health, social and cognition of a person which not only includes his emotions but also his habits that shapes his behaviour and personality.

  • Research of behaviour science has immensely contributed to the field of medical and science. It has helped in battling against diseases and conditions by diagnosing it’s symptoms early by examining the behaviour of a person.
  • The education programmes on behaviour science help young children to create a healthy habit and behaviour of eating healthy, doing physical exercises, getting enough sleep and reducing the screen time.
  • When a disrupted behaviour of a person is being diagnosed early by the therapist it helps in dealing with the suicidal thoughts, severe depression and anxiety. It helps people to get medical attention of a psychotherapist early in their life.
  • It helps in improving the bad and risky harmful habits and behaviour of a person by reducing their addiction level of substance or drug abuse and alcohol. When these habits are controlled with the help of medical interventions it also leads to a better and healthy lifestyle.

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The above sample is written on the fundamental principles of behaviour science of humans and the importance of it.

Behaviour Studies QQI Level 5, Applied Psychology QQI Level 5, Challenging Behaviour Management QQI Level 5, Healthcare QQI Level 5, Social Studies QQI Level 5 and Social Science students can read this sample to get an overview idea of principles of behavioural science.

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