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Benevento Foods: When the Rubber Hits the Dough Case Study Sample

This is a case study on Benevento Foods: When the rubber hits the dough case. Benevento Foods is a food processor company in the Northern New York state in the United States. It has been established for thirty years by a family and has been growing ever since.

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Benevento Foods company has almost ninety employees working for them. It provides bases and mixes to the small bakeries and grocery chains across the United States.

It is willing to expand and grow its market and customer base in Japan and Mexico by developing its product lines with gluten-free bakery eatables.

Benevento Foods is facing several customer complaints recently for its quality of baking mixes as pieces of rubber have been found in the mixes. This has created a negative impact on the business of the company and its brand image in the market.

Marco Benevento who is the President of Benevento Foods is really concerned about the food safety standards which need to be resolved before the British Retail Consortium (BRC) food safety audit.

SWOT Analysis of Benevento Foods: When the rubber hits the dough case 

SWOT analysis is a very effective technique to create an effective quality system and culture in the organization. It helps the company to devise effective business plans and strategies.

SWOT helps the organization to identify its strengths, overcome its weaknesses by effectively working on them, avail and exploit the opportunities by minimizing the market threats.

This analysis will help in this case study to make important strategic planning and decisions to achieve the long term goals and objectives.

SWOT stands for the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the business.

Strengths of Benevento Foods: A case study

  • The company’s different geographical location can serve as the business strength which targets the people in the international market. It helps the company to reach out to a larger audience with better access.
  • Providing high-quality food can improve the performance of Benevento Foods by creating brand loyalty. It helps in capturing the confidence of the consumers creating loyalty and faith for the brand.
  • The company’s strong presence on the social media platforms is an effective tool to communicate and coordinate with the customers which ensure strong bond and relationships with them.
  • An organization’s workplace can easily serve as a business strength and it helps it to grow, expand, and operate in the international market.
  • Human resource is considered to be the greatest strength of a service-oriented company which helps it to grow and have a competitive advantage over the others.
  • An effective integrated IT structure can improve the efficiency in business operations as it increases the knowledge of the latest market trends.

Weaknesses of Benevento Foods: Case Study 

  • Most of the organizations have almost similar struggles with their weaknesses which they need to overcome with time to increase efficiency.

Organizations can be criticized for their poor management and waste practices and incapability to practice sustainability in business operations.

  • Less investment in the Research and Development activities can weaken business performance as there is a proper lack of market knowledge.
  • Budget insufficiency can weaken the company’s ability to expand business for promotion and marketing activities.
  • Benevento Foods not having good time management can lead to delays in a product launch in the market.
  • If the needs and expectations of the consumers are not identified and catered to on time it leads to an ineffective decision-making process and strategic planning.
  • Poor management practices and project management makes an organization incapable to open new branches and expand its product line.
  • Poor handling of customer grievances and delivery of product creates a bad brand image of the company in the market which is bad for business growth.

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Opportunities of the Benevento Foods: Case Study

  • Customers can demand new products or services as there is a change in taste and preferences that can be used as a business opportunity by the organization. It must also have a good knowledge of market opportunities and customer needs.
  • E-commerce and social media marketing platforms are the latest trends that help in operating the business processes which can be used as an opportunity by Benevento Foods. It ensures the strong presence of the company on social media sites.
  • A rise in globalization by reducing borders between the countries has promoted expansion and diversified business. It targets the customer base at an international level and increases business profitability.
  • More consumption of goods and services by the consumers increases the purchase rate and improves the lifestyle and standard of living in customers.

Threats to Benevento Foods: Case Study

  • Threats are external factors of the organization that cannot be controlled by the organization directly. Shortage of skillful labor makes it difficult to attract the right talent and skills from the market for business operations.
  • Inflation in the market prices can not only increase the production cost but also affects the profit margin of the business.
  • A company that lacks market knowledge, international standards, and the needs of the customers creates a negative impact on the business of the company.
  • Products or services if they are not environment friendly then it generates negative publicity and damage to the brand name of the company in the market.
  • An increase in the number of competitors affects the performance and sustainability of the organization. It also fails in expanding its customer base.
  • Change in the regulations, legal standards can impose a threat to the business of Benevento Foods. If the business does not comply with the policies and regulations then it makes the business very challenging by raising lawsuits against the company.

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The above sample is a case study of a company called Benevento Foods which was involved in the case of when the rubber hits the dough. It is a SWOT analysis of the business.

Business Management, Business Administration Course QQI Level 5, Strategic Management, Product Management, Leadership Management and Training QQI Level 6, Supervisory Management course QQI Level 6 students can refer to this case study sample to learn that how an effective system can be built in the organization.

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