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BUU44530 Financial Reporting and Analysis TCD Assignment Example Ireland

The course on financial reporting and Analysis (BUU44530) is offered by the Trinity College of Dublin (TCD).

The objective of the course is to make the students and the learners know about the concepts related to financial accounting. It also provides comprehensive know-how on how to prepare as well as analyze financial statements.

The course discusses the important components of measurement and it also talks about disclosure and recognition as far as present-day financial reporting is concerned.

BUU44530 Financial Reporting and Analysis Assignment Sample TCD Ireland

In this context, it is relevant to say that financial statements like consolidated statements and cash flow are often considered across a range of business scenarios. The course also discusses financial reporting from a global perspective. Such types of financial reporting take into account the adoption of global standards of accounting.

This is an assignment sample that primarily discusses the learning outcomes that are associated with the course in context. It also throws light on how students pursuing such courses in Ireland are assessed and evaluated.

Teaching and learning approaches

As a student who is pursuing the course on financial reporting and analysis, you are required to be present in classes.

You have to participate in discussions, and lectures. You are required to understand examples of financial reporting and analysis.

You are also required to answer queries that are placed by your teachers. The assessors assessing and evaluating the students require reviewing scenarios and they are required to compare theoretical studies with real life. The course also has question packs that the students can attempt as part of practice in financial reporting and analysis.

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Learning outcomes concerning BUU44530 Financial Reporting and Analysis Course

This section of the assignment sample throws light on the learning outcomes that are associated with the course on financial reporting and analysis. Following is a point-by-point mentioning of the learning outcomes that the students can know by going through the course in context.

Know about conceptual and regulatory frameworks of accounting

Upon successful finishing of the course in context, the students can know about different conceptual and regulatory frameworks that are part of accounting. The regulatory frameworks for accounting set regulations and rules for accounting.

Build and analyze financial reports

The students on completing the course can build as also analyze financial reports keeping into consideration international standards of accounting and statutory needs. In this context, the international standards of accounting are issued by IASB which is an independent global standard-setting body that is established in the U.K.

Understand and apply global accounting standards

The proper finishing of the course also allows the students and the learners alike to comprehend and apply and critique a wide variety of global accounting standards. Comprehending and applying the global accounting standards so that there is accountability, transparency, and efficiency in the financial markets globally.

Know about creating accounts related to the recognition of financial instruments

The course on financial reporting and analysis helps students and learners to create accounts about the recognition and measurement of financial instruments. Financial instruments are contracts between parties and individuals holding a monetary value. Examples of financial instruments are checks, demand drafts, stocks, bonds, and shares.

Prepare financial statements for business accounting

The course also assists the students and the learners to prepare financial statements to account for businesses. In this context, it is to mention that financial statements are records in writing that convey company business activities as well as financial performances. Financial statements are income sheets and balance sheets.

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Know about contemporary developments, and ethical considerations related to financial reporting

After successful completion of the course, the students and the learners come to know about contemporary developments and ethical considerations as far as financial reporting is concerned. In this context, it is relevant to add that financial reporting is a standard practice in accounting that utilizes financial statements to disclose the performance and financial information of a company during a particular period preferably on a quarterly and annual basis.

Assessments concerning the course on financial reporting and analysis (BUU44530)

The students who are pursuing college or university courses require submitting assignments as part of assessments. The assessments of students participating in a course or curriculum help the assessors to understand the level of proficiency that the student has acquired while studying the course.

The students who are pursuing the course on financial reporting and analysis (BUU44530) are required to participate in annual report project 1 (weightage 15 %) and annual report project 2 (weightage 15%).

The students are also required to participate in the final exams (weightage 70%). Performing students are awarded grades and certifications that prove to be useful for a student’s academic or professional career.

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