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Cardiac Monitoring is the remote monitoring of a patient’s heart. In healthcare and nursing courses this is a very important technique for health caregivers to learn. Students studying health care courses like nursing, and medical need to have technical expertise in the Cardiac Monitoring System.

Students even may have to write reports, assignments, or essays on Cardiac Monitoring System to show their learning to their professors. It is a complex technology that monitors the patient’s heart even during daily activities. One needs to know all the concerned complexities involved in the monitoring.

Cardiac Monitoring System Working Process Essay Sample

Students have to give examples of monitoring the cardiac functions in their assignments. The complexity of the subject leaves students in an ironic situation that needed the expert’s advice and support. We have our experts with us from medical sciences and healthcare who help students in writing their assignments or reports on Cardiac Monitoring systems and the related telemetry complexities involved. From time to time students of Ireland ask for “Ireland Assignment Help” to get the paid assignments.

Here is the illustration of our expert’s work on the “Cardiac Monitoring System”

Definition of Cardiac Monitoring

With the help of the technology monitoring the heart health of a patient during various activities is called Cardiac Monitoring. The technological system which has sensors to monitor all the vital signs of heart activity tells how the heart rate is being changed while various activities. The patient’s heart can be monitored by the sensor even from the distance. It can save the life of patients in critical situations.

How does Cardiac Monitoring System Work?

There are sensors in the system which provide this information on the monitor screen

  • It displays the rhythm and rate of the heart
  • It alarms the health providers if it is above or lows the pre-decided limit
  • It also provides a paper report of the cardiac functioning of the patient.

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The Benefit of using Cardiac Monitoring System

  • Technology advancement in the health sector has made it easier for healthcare providers to intervene in the critical situation of the patients in urgent times. Technology had created a gap in the provision of health care and death. The system can support the care of critically ill persons.
  • The technology not only made life comfortable for the patients but it also resolved the issues faced by the health care providers.
  • There is a convenience of using this system while doing any sort of activity. As, for example; a smart wristwatch, a patient can wear it anytime in any activity.
  • It does not affect the health of the patient or create any problems for the patient.
  • If there is deterioration in any patient’s health, that can be monitored and timely action can be taken.
  • The data can be gathered and can be processed further so it also increases the possibility of future research. However, it will need the consent of the patient and the medical fraternity.
  • It can decrease the possibility of death from coronary artery disease.
  • This system is much better than the traditional system which is not that accurate in getting the data on the heart rate during various activities. It is also easy and convenient to use in the present lifestyle in which the patient is less bothered.
  • The whole pre-setup is already fed in the system so there is no need to do the manual fitting but monitoring of the data to the end level is necessary for timely action.

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Real-time Monitoring Methods followed by the Cardiac Monitoring System

  • It diagnoses the real-time condition and rehabilitates the patient accordingly. It means that if the patient is outside the hospital doing some daily activity and feeling uneasy, the monitoring sensors can alarm the patient and the health care providers so the patient can be shifted to the hospital on an emergency basis.
  • The device which monitors the cardiac rate is wearable and takes other information also like the blood pressure of the person, prior diseases, etc. based on which the right data can be processed.
  • The portable devices are connected to the servers with the help of the network. Any information gathered is regularly processed to the data acquisition centers and it also alarms the authority if some critical data is received.
  • After alarming the critical data to the authorities it immediately goes to the doctors available for the duty and the patient is admitted immediately to the hospital.

So it is the interface of the patient which is handled or connected by the network and ends to the main server. Therefore it is an effective system to provide intervention to the critical patients

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As the Cardiac Monitoring system needs a lot of comprehensive understanding and complex to explain the writing assignment on this is definitely a cumbersome task for the students.

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