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QQI Level 5 Care of Blind Person Assignment Example Ireland 

In this assignment example, we shall highlight and discuss the QQI Level 5 Care of Blind Person. The purpose of an assignment sample help is to enable the learners to deal with older persons or any person with special needs or disabilities. It teaches the learners the method of providing special care services in gerontology. We shall focus mainly on the learning outcomes of this QQI Level 5 module in the following assignment sample.

QQI Level 5 Care of Blind Person

Learning Outcomes of the QQI Level 5 Care of Blind Person 

In this sample work, we shall cover the gestures, attitudes, approaches, and greeting toward the blind person considering their age, the personal assistant to the blind person in walking, the work of the eye health workers, prevention of the eye disease, treatment of the eye disease and study of illnesses in the old age under gerontology by considering the social, cultural, biological and cognitive aspects of aging.

These are the following learning outcomes of Care of the Blind Person QQI Level 5:-

Understanding the Greeting, Approach, Attitude, and Body Gesture Towards the Blind Person in Meeting 

The learners shall be able to understand and explain the body gestures, approach, attitude and greeting towards the blind person on meeting him. Some of the very common courtesy that needs to be adopted while meeting a blind person are:-

  • We always need to treat the blind person naturally just like any other ordinary person.
  • There must be politeness in the voice during the conversation and while shaking of the hands.
  • Using the same vocabulary while holding a conversation with the blind person as any ordinary person.
  • A blind person needs to be asked for help and must not be forced to take any help.
  • Explaining the noises and silences to such a blind person.
  • Some countries have a guide dog or an animal as the companion for the blind person and in such cases both of them must be paid equal attention and any extra help or an assistance must be offered only when it is asked.

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Providing Walking Guidance or Assistance to Such Blind Person 

Learners shall be able to learn to provide a walking guidance or an assistance to a blind person or any person with disabilities. One must not presume the place where the person wants to go rather details of the place must be asked from him and if he needs then only such a person be guided up to the place.

An adequate walking space must be given and any obstacles or hazards must be removed from the path of such a person. While walking such person to be made aware of his surroundings and the environment.

In case of any door, steps, stairs and slopes the person must be given plenty of time to feel secured by holding handrail and taking firm and careful steps. Any risk involving a path or way must be avoided and the shortest route must be taken to reach a place. These are some ways through which the blind person can be assisted to walk or sit at one place.

Practicing Eye Hygiene to Prevent Eye Disease and its Treatment 

When proper eye hygiene is practiced by an individual he can easily protect himself against eye diseases and infections. For the prevention of any eye disease one must get an annual eye exam done for catching any disease of the eyes like the eye cataracts, ARMD, corneal disease, retinal detachment, diabetic retinopathy disease etc.

The leaners shall learn to notice the changes in the vision, blurring, haziness and light flashes. Maintenance of a healthy diet and wearing UV light protection for the eyes, regular exercise, careful use of contact lenses, and avoiding smoke are the best ways the prevention of any eye disease.

In case of Macular Degeneration the photodynamic or the laser therapy can be used for the purpose of treatment though it cannot cure it completely. For the eye cataracts certain corrective glasses, antiglare sunglasses, and magnifying glasses are used or else surgery needs to be done.

With the increase in age there is a risk of diabetic retinopathy which can be corrected with the help of photocoagulation and even a vitrectomy can be used before any loss of vision or damage. Retinal detachment can be treated by cryoprexy or vitrectomy therapy. These are some of the treatments meant for various eye diseases that need to be studied by the learners.

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Analyzing the Work of the Different Eye Healthcare Workers or Professionals 

The learners must learn to analyse the work profile of the different types of eye care professionals or workers. There are optometrists, ophthalmologists (specialists in eye doctors), ophthalmic opticians, ophthalmic nurses, eye clinic liaison officers.

The ophthalmologist are medically certified doctors who specializes in the eye and vision care and are mostly trained to perform an eye surgery and to diagnose and treat the eye disease. The optometrist has the role to perform an eye test for the detection of health and vision issues. An ophthalmic nurse provides initial care and first aid treatment and refers the patient to an opthalmologist.

An opthalmic officer provides basic medical care while there are no doctors available. This shall become part of the project work by the learners and they must have a complete knowledge of the role of such eye health care professionals.

Assessment of QQI Level 5 Care of Blind Person 

To display the skills, competence, efficiency, and knowledge of the learners and analyze whether they have achieved their learning outcomes.

The learning assessments need to be undertaken by the learners.

All learning outcomes must be assessed and achieved with the help of the minimum intended module learning outcomes set out in the validated program. There shall be a submission of projects and assignments in this course for an assessment evaluation.

The learners shall also be able to also practically demonstrate their communication, interaction and handling skills in the case of blind person. This too shall become part of an assessment evaluation.

Their knowledge about various eyes diseases, eye infections and their treatment and working of eye health care workers shall be written in the project work.

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The above-written assignment sample is based on QQI Level 5 Care of Blind Person.

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