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Essay sample on Cerebral Palsy Disability 9N Children

Cerebral Palsy refers to a group of disorders, which can affect children’s ability to move or maintain balance. The students preparing for Cerebral Palsy Disability 9N Children essay papers can research in-depth about the causes and symptoms of CP. Cerebral Palsy is one of the most common motor disabilities happening in childhood. It is generally caused by unusual brain development or brain damage, which affects the children’s ability to control muscles. It becomes beneficial for the students to take online writing help for finishing their college assignments on time.

The child with severe Cerebral Palsy needs to use special equipment to walk along with lifelong care. Most children with CP face problems with movement, posture, and conditions such as intellectual disability. Additionally, several infections during pregnancy can increase the levels of certain proteins such as cytokines. It caused inflammation and leads to brain damage in the infant. Generally, the signs of CP vary depending on the types and levels of disability. The students can ask to write my childcare essay for the team of professional assignment makers.

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What are the different types of Cerebral Palsy?

  • Spastic Cerebral Palsy:

It is one of the most common types of CP. The child with Spastic Cerebral Palsy has increased muscle tone. It means that their muscles are stiff due to which they show awkward movements. Children with spastic diplegia can face trouble while walking due to close-fitting leg and hip muscles, which cause their legs to pull together and cross at the knees. Moreover, children with spastic quadriparesis cannot walk normally and face developmental difficulties such as problems with vision, speech, and intellectual disability.

  • Dyskinetic Cerebral Palsy:

The child with dyskinetic CP faces problems in controlling the movement of their arms, legs, hands, and feet. The movements are usually uncontrollable, which can sometimes be slow. The face and tongue of the child can also be affected and children might face trouble in talking, sucking, and swallowing.

  • Ataxic Cerebral Palsy:

The child suffering from ataxic Cerebral Palsy faces trouble with balance and coordination activities. Some children can be unsteady while walking. A child with ataxic CP can have a hard time with movements, which require control and management such as writing. The child can have a hard time controlling their arms or hands when they extent to something.

  • Mixed Cerebral Palsy:

Some children can show symptoms of more than one kind of Cerebral Palsy. Spastic-Dyskinetic Cerebral Palsy is one of the most common types of mixed CP.

Signs of CP in a baby younger than 6 months

  • The baby can feel stiff and floppy.
  • The head of the baby can lag when anyone picks them up.
  • The baby may seem to overextend the back and neck when they are held embraced in arms.
  • The legs of the baby can cross when anyone picks them up.

Signs of CP in a baby older than 6 months

  • The baby with CP cannot roll over in either direction.
  • The baby has difficulties is bringing hands to mouth.
  • The babyface trouble to bring hands together.

Signs of CP in a baby older than 10 months

  • The baby crawls in an uneven manner, which includes pushing off with one hand and leg.
  • The baby runs around on his hops or buttocks but is not able to crawl on all fours.

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Sample essay on Cerebral Palsy Disability 9N Children

Title: Which factors increase the risk of Cerebral Palsy in children?

The child who weighs less than 2500 grams at birth is at high risk to suffer from Cerebral Palsy. Children born before the 37th week of pregnancy have a great chance to suffer from CP. Many babies have medical problems that can put them at risk of CP. Multiple births are one of the major causes due to which the child can have Cerebral Palsy. Medical conditions of the mother such as an intellectual disability or thyroid problems contribute to causing CP.

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