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Care of the Older Adults with Cerebrovascular Accident Essay Sample Ireland

The following essay sample work shall highlight the condition of cerebrovascular accidents in older adults, types of cerebral vascular accidents, diagnosis of this condition, and treatment of it in the older adult group.

Cerebrovascular accident is also known as ‘stroke’ which is seen to be very common among older adults along with other diseases like Alzheimer and Dementia.

Care of the Older Adults with Cerebrovascular Accident Essay Sample Ireland

The aging process in adults makes the cardiovascular, and nervous systems very weak along with over sensitivity to inflammation and neural disorders.

There are many factors that can contribute to an increase in the severity of stroke with age. A metabolic decrease in neural cell’s capacity to counter neurotoxic challenges or stressors. The process of aging causes changes in the immune system which results in the inflammatory reaction in the first phase of acute ischemia.

The recovery rate in the aged people is less from the stroke and the process of rehabilitation is meant for improving the physical and cognitive impairments and disabilities of patients with stroke.

In this condition, the blood flow from a particular part of the brain gets disrupted or blocked due to the rupture of blood vessels. If such a stroke remains untreated can cause permanent brain damage.

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Types of Cerebrovascular Accidents 

There are mainly two types of cerebral vascular accident or stroke in older adults and they are:-

  • Ischemic Stroke is caused due to blockage in the blood vessels as a result of blood clots that block the flow of oxygen to the brain. There is one embolic stroke in which the blood clots get formed in another part of the body and get lodged in the blood vessels of the brain. A thrombotic stroke occurs when a clot forms in the blood vessel within the brain.
  • Hemorrhagic Stroke occurs when a blood vessel gets ruptured or destroyed which prevents the flow of blood to the part of the brain. Such a hemorrhage occurs in the blood vessel of the brain or in the outer surrounding membrane of the brain.

Symptoms of Cerebral Vascular Accidents in Old People 

The speedy diagnosis of the symptoms can help in recognizing the disease and treatment of stroke.

Some of the major symptoms of Cerebral vascular accident are:-

  • Loss of balance in the body and coordination in the body parts.
  • Difficulty in speech and speaking or understanding others who are speaking to them.
  • Darkness or blurredness in the vision.
  • Numbness or paralysis in the face, leg or arm, or any one side of the body.
  • Headache, nausea, vomiting, and dizziness.

All symptoms can vary from one individual to another depending upon their health status and early detection of symptoms which helps in treating the ailment.

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Diagnosis of Cerebrovascular Accident in Older Adults 

The healthcare professionals or staff with the help of various medical tools and a complete physical examination of a person can determine his strength, vision, speech, senses, or reflexes. The blood vessels are also examined which may be an indicator of stroke.

Some of the tests that can easily diagnose progression in the condition of stroke are:-

  • Blood Tests: The blood sugar level, blood clots, and infection are being examined to determine the progress of stroke in a person.
  • Carotid Ultrasound: The sound waves are used for creating the images in blood vessels of the neck which helps in determining the disrupted flow of blood towards the brain.
  • Angiogram: When an X-ray of the head is done by the doctor to find the blocked blood vessel.
  • Echocardiogram: The sound waves are used for creating a picture of the heart to find out the source of blood clots.
  • Electrocardiogram: With the help of electrical tracing of the heart it helps in determining the abnormal rhythm of the heartbeat which causes a stroke.
  • MRI Scan: An MRI scan can provide a detailed study of the brain in comparison to a CT scan. It is more sensitive than a CT scan which detects a stroke.

Care of the Older Adults with the risk of Cerebral Vascular Accident 

If any old person has diabetes, blood pressure or hypertension, and atrial fibrillation they are more prone to the risk of getting a stroke.

There are many measures to reduce the risk or prevent stroke in an older person and they are:-

  • Limiting the intake of fat and cholesterol in the food and replacing it with a healthy nutritious diet.
  • Regulating the blood sugar level and blood pressure.
  • Regulating and keeping a check on weight and controlling diabetes.
  • Getting regular physical exercise and refraining from the habits of drinking and smoking.

Care treatment for the Older Adults suffering from Cerebral Vascular Accident 

The stroke can be treated depending upon the type of stroke that a person is suffering. Ischemic stroke is very common in older adults and treating this condition can restore the blood flow and control the bleeding in the Hemorrhagic stroke.

  • To treat an old person who is suffering from Ischemic stroke, a clot-dissolving or blood thinner drug can be given. A medicine called Aspirin is given to the patient so that there is no second round of stroke.

Medicine can be injected into the brain in case of any emergency situation.

  • In Hemorrhagic stroke, treatment is provided in the form of a drug that reduces the pressure in the brain and controls bleeding.

Surgery can also be performed for the removal of blood clots and for repairing the ruptured blood vessels.

  • There are therapies that can improve the symptoms of stroke in an older person. Such as speech and occupational therapies with the help of neurologists, health care professionals & psychiatrists.

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The above sample essay highlights the care of the older person suffering from stroke and his treatment.

Healthcare Support QQI Level 5, Medical Terminology and Administration Course QQI Level 5, Neurology QQI, Care of the Older Person QQI Level 5, Wellbeing QQI, Nursing Studies QQI Level 5, Careskills QQI Level 5 students can read this sample to gain knowledge on older care and health.

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