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Challenges of Blockchain in Healthcare Essay Example Ireland

Blockchain technology is gradually becoming popular in Ireland. As far as Irish healthcare is concerned there is very limited use of this technology. An important challenge in the Irish healthcare sector is the appropriate management of the vast amount of health data.

In this context, it is important to mention that various health monitoring systems also result in the generation of health data. The health data in Ireland is usually not accessible, and is difficult to comprehend, utilize and share.

Challenges of Blockchain in Healthcare Essay Sample Ireland

Therefore, proper management as also safe retrieving of the health data is crucial to make sure that the patients get the best healthcare services and also to improve the healthcare outcomes.

Likewise, there are other problems like interoperability and inaccessibility of healthcare records and to resolve these issues blockchain technology can be useful.

This essay write-up informs the readers and the audience about the concept of blockchain technology.

The write-up also provides information about the challenges of this technology, particularly in the Irish healthcare sector.

What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain is a vital innovation in recent times. It is also referred to as a distributed ledgers technology. It can be considered as decentralized continually expanding record lists also termed as blocks that are interlinked using a process that is termed mining.

In other words, it can be said that blockchain is a way of recording data or information in a manner that makes it very difficult to alter, cheat or hack the system. It can be defined as a digital ledger of transactions that is distributed as well as duplicated across computer networks of blockchains.

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Blockchain challenges and limitations in the Irish healthcare sector

The blockchain technology that is used in the health care sector in Ireland is very useful but at the same time, such technology has some challenges. This essay discusses these challenges and also highlights the corresponding solutions.

Design types of blockchain

Different types of blockchains are available and are relevant to the healthcare sector in Ireland. These types include the public blockchain, the private blockchain, and the hybrid blockchain.

The public blockchain can be used by any entity and it requires no permission. The private blockchain has limited use and it requires permission to use a private blockchain structure. A hybrid blockchain has both private as also public components.

While using a blockchain, particularly for the healthcare sector in Ireland it becomes difficult to choose the type of blockchain that one needs to use.

Data access and sharing

In the health care sector data accessing and sharing is important. While doing so using a blockchain type the user needs to address privacy issues and legal issues. The user also requires adhering to regulatory needs and he has to abide by general data protection regulations.

Also, it becomes important for the users to decide upon the type of data that requires to be shared with, also the users require to decide upon whether the data is required to be placed on-chain or off-chain or on side-chains

. The user of the blockchain also requires deciding upon the permission structure types to be utilized while accessing or sharing health data.

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Decisions about governing blockchain

The governance of blockchain is important when it comes to designing blockchain systems. For that, the users, peers, and nodes of the blockchain are required to be defined.

For governance of blockchains also it is important to understand whether the blockchain is made up of trusted partners, participant groups, regulators, and public entities and whether the blockchain includes consumers, patients, and the public.

It is also important to understand how the various users of blockchain decide on governing blockchain structures that are meant for health care in Ireland. All these things make the use of blockchain complicated and hence it is a challenge for blockchain users.

Whenever technologies are added to augment the functioning of blockchains

Sometimes blockchain architectures require additional technologies like an application layer that acts as an interface while using blockchain, using contracts that automate processes whenever certain predefined conditions are satisfied. Sometimes, cryptocurrencies are used in blockchain technology that is meant for health care in Ireland. These things are a challenge to the use of technology in the health care sector.

Difficulty in understanding the objective of using blockchain in healthcare

Many who want to use blockchain for health care within Ireland don’t have the know-how of the objective of using blockchain technology. This is also a challenge that is faced by many blockchain users in the Irish health care sector.

To figure out whether healthcare requires a blockchain

Sometimes a health care objective may be such that a blockchain is not required. This is also one reason why users may not use or abstain from using blockchain technology in healthcare sectors within Ireland.

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