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Theoretical models of child and Adolescent Development – Essay on Childcare

When the child grows and develops, they are influenced by outside factors which include culture, environment, school, religion, and media. It is easy to determine the social, emotional, physical, and interpersonal development when the child enters from early childhood to adolescence age. Adolescence is a time of significant change for young people when physical changes are happening at an increasing rate.

However, adolescence is not marked by physical changes but signifies remarkable changes that young people can experience. The students asking is it worth to pay someone for homework assignments can take help from Irish expert writers.

Different theories focus on child development and identify how outside factors can influence their interests, personality, and likes and dislikes. Undoubtedly, there are numerous developmental issues faced by the child during the early, middle, and late adolescent years.

When the child enters the adolescent stage, they start thinking about the future, which increases career interests and their ability to work. During the 12 to 14 years of age, the child can make close friends who help in enhancing social skills among them. Irish students can take help from assignment makers for submitting a high-quality assignment in front of their teachers.

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Different Theoretical models of Child and Adolescent development

  • Erikson’s developmental theory

Erikson’s psychosocial developmental theory has produced a critical framework for organizing human growth through distinct stages of life. During the different stages of life, the child makes new friends and face different social interactions. Along with the various interactions, the child experiences conflicts and other many ups and downs that impact the growth and later functioning of the child. Moreover, the adolescent can face a developmental crisis that can serve as a significant turning point in their life.

  • Bowlby’s attachment theory

Bowlby asserted that much of child development is based on the distinctive need of children to form attachments. The attachments identified by Bowlby in his theory involve many places, people, or things that can have a substantial effect on development patterns through life. According to Bowlby, early relationships with the care supporters play a crucial role in child development that influences their social relationships throughout their life.

  • Freud’s developmental theory

According to psychosexual theory, conflicts that occur throughout life can affect an individual’s personality and behavior as well. The theory suggests that early experiences of the child play the most significant role in shaping child development. The conflicts faced by the child in early childhood can influence adult behavior.

  • Bandura’s learning theory

The theory suggests that the conditioning plus reinforcement process cannot explain all of human learning. The child develops new skills and acquires new information by observing the action of others, such as peers and parents. The theory suggests that observation plays a critical role in children’s social learning, but such consideration need not necessarily take the form of watching a live model.

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Sample essay on different theoretical models of child and adolescent development

Title: How behavioral child developmental theories?

The behavioral theories of child development mainly focus on how the environmental interaction of the child influences their behavior. The behavioral approaches deal with observable behaviors and thus differ from other theories of child development.

Classical conditioning and operant conditioning are the two basic types of learning that emerged from the approach of behavioral theories.

Such models do not consider feelings or internal thoughts; instead, it focuses on how children’s experience shape their future. According to behavioral approaches, the development is viewed as a reaction to reinforcement, rewards, stimuli, and punishments.

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