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Child Protection Guidelines Ireland – Essay Sample for SNA Students

The specific focus of the child protection guidelines generated in Ireland is on the investigation of alleged offenses. TUSLA- The Child and Family Agency has the vital authority to assess reports regarding the child’s safety or welfare. Parents and guardians have the first responsibility for the protection and care of their children.

However, sometimes parents need assistance or support from the state in carrying out their duties for childcare. The Children First ACT 2015 places a legal commitment on certain people to report child protection concerns to Tusla. The students who are not able to develop a knowledgeable research paper on child protection can take help from expert essay writers in Ireland.

Child Protection Guidelines Ireland - Essay Sample for SNA Students

The guidelines generated for child protection aim to build on the existing strengths of the family. With proper support, the family can overcome any difficulties and can ensure that their child is safe.

Everyone should remain alert and fulfill their commitment to promote the safety and welfare of the child. Moreover, the child protection guidelines assist the families to ensure the safety of their children with ease. The students can ask the professional writing team to write my essay in a short time.

How to Promote Child protection?

The broader community of friends, family members, neighbors, and social workers should be aware of child welfare. They should show to respond or react to the possibility of abuse or neglect.

The main objective of child protection guidelines is to ensure that more decisive steps are taken to contribute to the ongoing safety of the child. Moreover, the failure of the child protection act can result in an unsafe environment for the child. The violation of any guideline can potentially affect or result in significant damage to children’s well-being.

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It is crucial to maintain a proper balance between respecting the child and their protection and the needs of families. Undoubtedly, child protection is a multidisciplinary activity, and thus professionals and agencies should work together in the children’s interests.

Children First, which refers to the National Guidelines for the Protection and Welfare of Children, has been the guidance for organizations, professionals, social workers, and individuals to keep the child safe and protected from harm.

What are the fundamental principles of child protection highlighted in national guidelines?

  • The interventions by the state should build according to the protective actors and existing strengths in the family.
  • The welfare and safety of the child are everyone’s responsibility.
  • The primary purpose in all dealings with the child and their families is to mediate proportionality for supporting families and promoting children’s safety.
  • Children have the right to get listened to, heard, and everyone should take them seriously when it comes to their protection. Account of their age and understanding skills, they should get involved in crucial matters which can affect their lives.
  • The parents have the right to respect their children’s decisions and should involve them in other matters as well.

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Sample on Child Protection Guidelines Research paper

Title: How the Children First Act 2015 maintain children’s safety and welfare?

National Guidelines for the Protection and Welfare of Children, a child, refers to a person who is under 18 years age and not married. Children First Act 2015 raises awareness of child neglect or abuse. The act promotes child safeguarding arrangements in different organizations by providing outstanding services to children. The act states the mandatory reporting by key professionals if they know about child abuse. It contains specific information about the child’s welfare and the statutory responsibility of individuals who are mandated to report child protection concerns.

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