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Children are a vulnerable group who are often in contact with suffering from abuse or neglect. The responsibility is to protect them from lies with child care workers, teachers, health care workers.

Children’s rights have always been downtrodden since the past, and to raise issues regarding children, the children’s protection rights became the subject of paramount importance.

In particular, international human rights norms ratified by Ireland, particularly the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and The Hague Convention on Adoption, provide a framework of domestic policy and practice relating to children’s rights. It includes the protection of children who enter Ireland from another country. Ireland committed to promote children’s rights when it signed up to the convention in 1992. The Child Care Act 1991 provides for the appointment of guardian ad litem regarding care proceedings of a child.

The importance of children’s rights

  • Children are individuals – children have an identity and are a separate individual. They’re neither the possession nor property of the family members nor of the state. They have an equal status in the family as a member. So their rights matter just like any other adult person of society.
  • Children start life by being totally dependant – children are totally dependant on their parents after their birth as their mind and body are not developed yet to make an individual decision or make choices. Their rights are to be protected by guardians or parents.
  • Government actions impact children the most – their rights are affected the most amongst all the vulnerable groups of society. The government’s policies and procedures should be made by considering children’s rights as they can’t voice their opinions so early.
  • Children’s views to be considered in the political process – they cannot vote for the government as they get voting rights after a certain age, but their opinions and views matter the most. They’re the future assets of any country, so their voice is critical and needs to be heard. Schools and homes are the places in which they can voice their thoughts. Parents and teachers could help them in this but must not try to influence their opinions.
  • Children’s healthy development is crucial for society’s well-being –  poverty, inadequate health care, unclean drinking water, malnutrition are some of the factors impacting children’s health negatively. Children are the assets of any nation; therefore, healthy children lead to a healthy society and nation.

Child Protection Rights principles

  • Children’s right is health, education, family life, play, and an adequate standard of living and protection from abuse.

The four general principles associated with children’s rights are:-

  1.  Non Discrimination means that all the children have the same rights and equal access to education irrespective of any gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, disability, sexual orientation, parentage, or another status.
  2. The child’s best interests in all actions and decisions concerning a child must be used to resolve conflicts between different rights. Any governmental policy must be in the best interest of the child.
  3. The right to survival and development, ensuring access to the basic services, and providing an equality of opportunities for children to achieve their overall development.
  4. The view of the child is an important principle that plays a role in child rights. Every child has his own opinion on matters, and he could voice them in his immediate environment that helps the government and make policies accordingly.

Various Issues of Child Protection 

  1. Child Marriage 
  • Each year over 12 million girls are married by their 18th birthday. Child marriage is prevalent in Asian countries, and now could also be seen in the West. It exposes them to physical and mental violence and affects more the girl child than a boy. Around 82% of children are girls below 18 years of age who have faced child marriage’s social norm.

2. Child Labour

  • Child labor is a common practice around the globe. 1/4th of the developing countries are suffering from this practice. It includes sex trafficking, domestic laboring, hard physical labor, farming, mining, sweatshop labor. It exposes children to hazardous and harmful work and affects their health. Many countries are dealing with this, and legislations like that of Child Labour Protection laws are formulated.

3. Lack of access to education 

  • 263 million children are currently out of school. There is a lack of awareness and access to education for children, mainly of the girl child. This condition has arisen due to schools’ remote location in the villages, lack of safe washrooms, local gender norms, and early pregnancy in girls.

4. Child soldiers

  • Tens of thousands of children as young as 8 years old are involved in at least 15 armed conflicts. They become soldiers as they get separated from their families and due to lack of education. Children have the right to be protected from the war as they belong to the vulnerable armed forces.

5. Lack of access to clean water

  • 2.1 billion children globally do not have access to clean drinking water and safe sanitation system at their homes. Over 800 children die every year due to hygiene issues and polluted water.

6. Female genital mutilation 

  • This is a social practice in many countries where the female genital is removed or injured for non-medical reasons. 200 million girls globally have faced this evil practice. It is an absolute violation of health, rights to life and personal liberty, physical integrity. It is degrading and is an inhuman treatment of a girl child.

7. Lack of access to health care 

  • 5.6 million children under 5 years died in 2016. It includes health care issues like preterm birth complications, pneumonia, birth asphyxia, diarrhea, and malaria. It has accounted for approximately 15000 deaths per day. Complications related to pregnancy and childbirth are the leading cause of the death of girls under 15.

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