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Essay sample on Child Protection Policy

According to Children First Guidance, a child refers to a person under the age of 18 years. Child Protection Policy aims to safeguard children and reporting allegations of abuse made to any child. The policy also outlines the main types of child abuse and offers assistance on how to recognize such types and safeguard children. The child suffering from significant harm or any impairment of development needs security and the policy helps in protecting the well-being and development of children.

The Children’s Rights Alliance aims to improve the lives of all Irish children and young people by ensuring that all governmental laws, policies, and services meet the standard terms set out in the United Nations Convention on the children’s rights. The students of Ireland pursuing FETAC Level childcare courses often get assigned to child protection policy essay writing tasks. The students get a chance to research the signs and symptoms of child abuse and effective measures to protect children.

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Key principles of Child Protection Policy

  • The policy reflects that the welfare and best interests of the child are of supreme importance. The Children’s Rights Alliance is highly committed to respect the children’s rights with dignity and protect them with the core principles of UNCRC.
  • The Children’s Rights Alliance completely acknowledges and supports Children First Guidance. It encourages all the members of the organization to develop the policies of child protection.
  • The staff members of the alliance have a major responsibility to protect all children and ensure that every child is safe. Thus, they must account for child abuse and report it as stated in the Children First National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children.
  • The alliance is directed by the principles of the UNCRC and thus, highly committed to ensuring that all children are treated equally. Apart from it, the association ensures that all children have a right to express their opinions in certain matters that affect them.
  • The alliance will never get engaged with any organization or person, or will not fund any project that creates a risk to children. Additionally, the alliance will not support any organization that does not assemble the child safeguards and protection summarized in the Children First Guidance.

Procedures for protecting and safeguarding children

  • Any concern or allegation of abuse made to the staff member of the alliance should get reported to the designated officer. The staff must guarantee that professional confidentiality is well-maintained and recognizing information shared with legal agencies is done in confidence.
  • When the alliance organizes an event that also involves children’s participation, it becomes essential to supervise children. The staff, interns, or volunteers of the alliance can administer in the ratio of no more than five children per adult.
  • If the report is prepared outside of the office hours, and it is difficult to contact HSE Children and Family services then the designated alliance officer will contact An Garda Siochana.
  • The delegated staff member or the designated alliance officer will recognize if it’s appropriate to make a formal report or not. In such a case, the staff member can discuss their fears with the HSE Child and Family Services.

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Sample on Child Protection Policy essay

Title: What are the different types of child abuse and how to recognize them?

The Children’s Rights Alliance identifies that child abuse can be categorized into four main types namely; emotional abuse, neglect, sexual abuse, and physical abuse. To identify child neglect or abuse, the alliance staff member can recognize the possibility that a child has come in contact with other children suffering from abuse. The alliance officers can identify if the child is not getting adequate care for their medical and developmental problems. If they recognize any of the problems or health-related issues suffered by the child, they should immediately report it to the HSE child and family services.

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