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Child Protection & Welfare in ECCE Settings Essay

Child protection and welfare course aim at equipping the practitioner with complete knowledge about what is good for a child, and how to deal with the social issues related to children. In fact, the parents who opt to send their children to the child care and protection center look for optimum services regarding care and protection. Thus, it is mandatory for the students pursuing the QQI level 5 course on “Child care or child Development” to study this topic along with the assignment sample for a better idea.

Child Protection & Welfare in ECCE Settings Essay

What is Child Protection & Welfare in ECCE Settings Course about?

This is a Child Protection course in Ireland. Children need both care and safety. Therefore, this course aims at How To Safeguard Children? Precisely, Child abuse, maltreatment, and other illegal practices are prevalent nowadays. It is really sad that children suffer from such abuses that may ruin their lives.

Child Protection & Welfare in ECCE Settings Course targets the prevention of such practices on children. It includes educating the practitioners about the care, safety, and health of the children who come in their care centers. Also, if the child reports any kind of abuse, that needs to be immediately addressed.

There are certain Laws in Ireland that ensure the safety of the children. The time period of completion of this course offered by the open college in Ireland in 8 weeks. Also, the extension of the course is purely circumstantial.

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Now, the students can take up this course. While pursuing the Child Protection and Welfare course they shall be asked to write assignments on different topics. These topics will cover the major objectives of the course for example different types of child abuse, and case study writings on different abuse.

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Major Objectives of the Course:

The course focuses on providing the knowledge of types of abuse that take place in Child society. Secondly, what are the legislative rules to combat these kinds of child abuse? Thirdly, learners are taught how to analyze and process the signs and symptoms of child abuse. Next, to make them self-sufficient so far as the knowledge and method of reporting any child abuse is concerned.

The people who should practice this course can be the one’s who have done other QQI courses, completed the Early Childhood Care and Education course, or those who have a say on child abuse and can raise their voice against it.

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Child Protection & Welfare in ECCE Settings Course: Prerequisites

You will need this before starting the course you will need a Level 4 certificate. Also, being a distance learning course the students should be able to study on their own. Learners should be well aware of basic IT skills also.

Child Protection & Welfare in ECCE Settings Course Details:

The course comprises 5 major units.  These units include Legislation, What is the definition of Child Abuse and its Indicators, How Children can be kept safe, how to recognize and respond to the concern, lastly, what procedure needs to be followed.

Now, so far as the assessment is concerned, it calls for 50% for project and 50% for assignment work

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