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Assignment Sample on Measures to Safeguard the Child

Child safeguarding is the responsibility of everyone around us, including the teachers, parents, mentors, or even any other person. To safeguard a child, various methods could be taken into consideration.

We’ll discuss in this writing what all preventive measures could be taken for child protection.

Assignment Sample on Measures to Safeguard the Child

Child safeguarding is the organization’s responsibility to ensure that its staff, operations, and programs do not harm children. There should be no harm, exposure to physical abuse, or risk to children.

The organization in charge of the child’s protection governs staff, associates, and visitors’ behaviors, ensuring minimizing risks to children and reporting any concerns about a child and a young person’s welfare.

Measures to safeguard children and ensure their safety

  1. Informing Tusla if there is a concern about a child or young person who is at risk of being abused or neglected. The report can be made by phone or by writing to the local duty social work office in the child’s residential area. Tusla is a Child and Family Agency responsible for the protection of children and their welfare services. All referrals or concerns about children are being screened in line with normal practice and where a child is at immediate risk. They receive an immediate response. Their duty is to assess reports regarding a child’s welfare.

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  1. In case of emergency, where a child or young person appears to be at immediate and serious risk, contact An Garda Siochana. They’re responsible for the investigation of alleged offenses and whether a crime is committed.
  2. Children First promote children and young children from abuse and neglect by setting out what individuals and organizations. It needs to keep children’s safety measures and provisions to deal with concerns about a child’s safety or welfare.
  3. Childline is a national listening service for all children and young people in Ireland. It is a helpline that keeps information private, confidential, and non-judgemental. It can be accessed free from anywhere in Ireland.

Child safeguard measures followed in school.

  • Each school must have a Designated Liaison Person (DLP) to deal with child protection concerns. The name of the Designated Liaison Person should be displayed in a prominent position near the school’s main entrance.
  • The school Designated Liaison Person has responsibility for ensuring that the standards reporting procedure is followed. So that the suspected child protection concerns are referred to as the designated person in TUSLA, the Child and Family Agency, if there is a high risk of a child’s abuse, then concerns could be referred to An Garda Siochana.
  • Designated Liaison Person is responsible for child safeguard or protection measures in school and for making the report.
  • Where the allegations or concerns relate to the Designated Liaison Person, you should without a delay report the matter to the Chairperson or CEO of the Board of Management or in schools where the ETB is the employer to the CEO of the ETB concerned.
  • In such cases, the Chairperson shall assume to role normally undertaken by the Designated Liaison Person and shall follow the procedures set out in section 4.2 of the child protection procedures for Primary and Post Primary schools.

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The importance of child safeguard measures 

  • Child safeguarding or safety measures guard them against mistreatment or any form of physical, sexual, mental, or emotional abuse. It gives children safety and a sense of security.
  • It is safe and effective care. It prevents the occurrence of any harmful incident with the child by assuring him of safety and care. These measures are formulated by keeping the issues and concerns related to the child.
  • The measures are taken to prevent any harm to the health and development of the child.
  • Such measures of child safeguard ensure the best outcome of children of their efforts.

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