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Childcare Amendment Act, 2007 Essay Sample

The following sample work shall highlight on the Childcare Amendment Act, 2007 which was introduced in relation to other already existing acts of childcare. It amends mainly the Child Care Act 1991 and the Children Act 2001 and other existing acts.

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  • The Child Care Act 1991 is a wide piece of legislation that seeks to promote the welfare of children who may not receive adequate care and protection. This includes care order and proceedings for the welfare of children. It provides special care and protection and also provides foster care.
  • The Children Act 2001 is an Act which is based on the criminal behaviour,  justice system and rehabilitation for children in Ireland.
  • The Childcare Act Amendment Act 2007 is introduced to amend the Childcare Act 1991 and to make consequential and other amendments to the Children Act 2001 and to provide for elated matters.
  • The Childcare Amendment Act, 2007 is an Act to amend the Childcare Act 1991 to enable foster care parents and relatives who have been taking care of the child. It is for a period of not less than 5 years to apply for a court order in relation to the care of the child, and to provide for related matters.
  • It is a revised Act which is an administrative consolidation of Childcare Amendment Act 2007. It is prepared by the Law Reform Commision in accordance with its function under the Law Reform Commission Act 1975 to keep the law under review and to undertake revision and consolidation of statute law.

The composition of the legal sections under Part II and Part III of The Child Care Amendment Act, 2007

  • The Part II of The Child Care Amendment Act, 2007 covers the legal provisions amendments of Principle Act of Child Care Act, 1991. It ranges from Section 3 to Section 13 mostly including substitution and amendments of various legal provisions of Child Care Act.
  • The Part III of The Childcare Amendment Act 2007 ranges from section 14 to section 21.

Provisions from Section 15 to Section 20

  • Section 15 of the Childcare Amendment Act 2007 includes an amendment of section 16 of Children Act 2001. It repeals it only to the extent that it provides for the insertion of section 23D, as set out in such section 16, into the Childcare Act 1991.

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  • Section 16 states that section 76(1)(c) inserted by section 132 of the Criminal Justice Act, 2006 of the Act of 2001. It is amended by deleting and pending its outcome, to make an emergency care order or a supervision order under the Act of 1991 in respect of the child.
  • Section 17 of the Childcare Amendment Act 2007 states that section 77(1) of the Children act 2001 is amended in this.
  • Section 18 – Section225(1) of the Act of 2001 is amended in the definition of “Board” by relevant insertion of section.
  • Section 19 – The following section  is inserted in the Act of 2001 for introducing the Children Acts Advisory Board.
  • Section 20 – section 227 of the Act of 2001 is repealed and the following section is substituted. It defines the functions of Board.

Foster placements and Child Care Amendment Act, 2007

In Ireland fostering means taking care of someone else’s child in their own home. It offers an alternative family care to children whose parents cannot provide for them adequately in their own families.

When a child is taken from the family home they are the responsibility of the state and the Health Service executive to promote welfare of children in care.

An important principle of foster care is to maintain and develop relations between the child in care and their own family as well with foster family.

There is a continuous appeal of an improved status of foster carers for contribution to working with children. The importance of treating the foster carers as great professionals has been affirmed as Childcare Amendment Act 2007 will provide a path to promote their status.

The child welfare and protection in the Department of Health and children is responsible for the formulation and monitoring of policies in relation to foster care.

Child Care Amendment Act, 2007 in context of childcare and foster

The Child Care Amendment Act, 2007 allows a foster carer who have a child in their care for a continuous period of 5 years or more to apply for a court order regarding the care of the child.

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The purpose of Childcare Amendment Act 2007 is to give foster carers and foster relatives increased autonomy for long term care. It is important to clarify that while the measures set out in the new legislation are significant to the care of the children, the Act does not involve major fundamental changes to foster care.

The introduction of a new legislation, the Childcare Amendment Act 2007 means that the position of the foster carer is undoubtedly strengthens as a result of an acquirement of rights over children.

Under this Child Care Act, 1991 section 37 states that the HSE shall facilitate reasonable access to a child in care by his or her parents or any other person who may have a bona fide interest in the child.

The Child Care Amendment Act 2007 has emerged as a contentious document. It is evident in recent policies that there is an increasing emphasis on the welfare of the child. The Act may challenge parents rights and even children’s rights in some situations.

The 2007 Act does give foster carers new rights for the first time regarding children in care. However, if the provisions of the Act were implemented with the appropriate resources and assessment then significant achievement could be made.

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Sample is written with the purpose of targeting the Law, Childcare Development and Well being students. This essay is based on the Child Care Amendment Act of 2007. Any student of Level 6 of QQI who has childcare assignments to be submitted in the college before deadline could refer to this sample.

Law students could benefit from this sample to write legal assignments based on Childcare Act, 1991, Children Act, 2001 and other Amendment Acts. It highlights on government social policies for childcare and development (such as ECCE Scheme, Ainstear and Siolta).

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