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Growth Monitoring in the Children Essay Sample 

The following essay sample shall highlight the importance of growth monitoring in children, the frequency of monitoring growth in children, and the meaning of the growth charts.

Growth is the increase in the physical structure of the body of a person over a period of time. A child’s growth can be assessed by his weight, height, length, head, and mid-upper arm circumference. These can be measured through different methods to monitor the growth of a child.

Growth Monitoring in the Children Essay Sample 

Growth is a clear indicator of the health status of a child. Poor diet and health conditions deteriorate the overall development of a child. Child healthcare development programs are meant for the purpose of including the growth assessment of children.

Monitoring of growth allows for the detection of any disorders in the children at the earliest. It helps in the early identification and early treatment of children to ensure long positive health outcomes.

In the year October 2020, in Ireland, a national policy was made by the Department of Health and Children to adopt the WHO growth charts and integrate them into child health services in Ireland.

Importance of Growth Monitoring in Children 

  • Growth monitoring in the children includes regular measurements of the child’s weight, height, length, and head and hand circumference which is usually documented.
  • A growth chart is prepared for the determination of the measurement or size of the child so that it can be plotted in it. A very fast or slow growth indicates a lack of health and nutritional problem in a child. Monitoring of growth in children is a very vital element in the primary health of children.

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  • Weight gain is an important criterion to determine the growth of a child and usually, infants gain weight fast which is an indicator of healthy infants growing naturally. If the infant cannot gain weight or lose it naturally it shows signs of illness. Weight is an important parameter in determining growth rate.
  • Height or length measurements of a child are also the best method to understand the growth rate in a child. It is an important criterion in older children.
  • Circumference of the head is used to assess brain growth in children under 36 months of age. Brain growth is usually fast during the early years of the child which can increase the head circumference rapidly. In younger children measuring the head, and circumference is very useful to assess the growth of the child.

Frequency of Monitoring Growth in the Children

  • Weight must be measured and recorded in a child each month in the first year of a child. After every alternative month, his weight is to be measured in the second year of his childhood. At the age of 5 years after every six months, the health of the child should be measured. It can be done by a routine clinic visit, hospital, and practitioner.
  • The length and height of the child must be measured after every six months at 5 years old. It helps in the growth assessment of a child.
  • Measurements of the head circumference are to be made on a routine basis at birth and after 14 weeks and 12 months to assess the growth of the child. There is an increase in head circumference after 36 months.
  • After every three months to 5 years of age, the mid-upper arm circumference is screened for malnutrition. It helps in the useful screening of malnutrition.

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Meaning of Growth Charts

A growth chart is a chart that has an age-related size growth average to decide whether a child is smaller or larger than normal. A healthy child size will increase naturally over a period of time. Accurate age is required when a growth chart is to be used for monitoring the growth of the child.

A growth chart is based on the measurement size of thousands of healthy children who are recorded at different ages. A chart is made up of a number of growth lines called z lines.

With an increase in age, the lines of growth move further apart considering that some children grow faster than the average children.

After a growth assessment is done by the professionals the child’s growth is plotted on the Road to Health Card. It can detect any illness easily. The visual and hearing abilities and motor skills can be monitored to assess the development of a child naturally.

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The above essay sample mentions the growth monitoring in a child and various aspects related to the growth of a child.

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