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Sample Essay on Needs of the Children in the Childcare Environment 

Early childhood care plays a vital role in the child’s overall development and supports him. There are many needs of a child in the childcare environment, which, if not fulfilled, may drastically affect the physical and mental health of the child. This essay will focus on the needs of the children in their immediate and childcare environments.

Sample Essay on Needs of the Children in the Childcare Environment 

Children’s needs in a childcare environment

There are many important needs that a child must have physically and emotionally in his environment for his survival and sustenance.

Physical needs of the children

  • Security of the child – A child’s physical security is critical as it makes him feel safe, happy, and secured. Proper shelter, food, clothing, and medical care should be provided to him on time. With an increase in sexual offenses against small children, children’s safety has become an issue of paramount importance.
  • Nutritious Food – Proper nutritious food should be provided to the children for good physical health as they need to achieve various academic and non-academic goals in life.
  • Healthy living environment – A child should be given a healthy learning environment and clean drinking water, clean food, and a good sanitation facility. Hygiene is an important aspect of childcare and needs as it does not allow any diseases in children.

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Emotional needs of the children

  • Stability in the environment – A child’s mental stability and growth are important for his development. The parent’s relationship with the child or between the parents is a major role play in a child’s mental health. He should be given a peaceful and homely environment with no unnecessary noises and havoc back at home. Parents’ involvement with teachers and creating a good relationship with them is also important as it helps the child to have a stable mindset and a feeling of security.
  • Good values and systems – The core values and principles being taught at home are also needed for a child’s welfare. Consistency should be maintained with the child. Good values help children to inculcate a good sound personality and great communication skills.
  • Emotional Support – Children need constant emotional support from his parents and teachers to perform well in academics and other fields. Kids are supposed to be encouraged to create trust, respect, self-esteem, and independence.
  • Quality Education – Education should be provided properly by the parents to the children as it is key to their learning process. It widens the horizon and opens the mindset of the child. Quality education, along with good guidance and discipline, is also a must along with education.
  • Positive Role Model – Children are to be encouraged and influenced to have a good role model. Parents are the first role model of a child, and they must introduce good disciple, values, rules, and boundaries for the child.
  • Time is the child’s need – Parents must not force a child to deliver performance according to their desire and time. Time should belong to the child himself. He should be allowed to take the natural course of time to deliver performance in academics and non-academic fields, making them a better learner.

United Nations Human Rights on Convention on the Rights of Children

  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN proclaims childhood is entitled to special care and assistance.
  • A family is a fundamental group of society and natural environment for the growth and well being of all its members, particularly children. They should be awarded the necessary protection so that they can fully assume their responsibilities within the community.
  • The child’s harmonious and full development of his personality should grow up in a family environment in an atmosphere of happiness, love, and understanding.
  • The child should be fully prepared to live an individual life in society and brought up the spirit of the ideals proclaimed in the Charter of UN, particularly in the spirit of peace, dignity, tolerance, freedom, equality, and solidarity.

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Irish Act of Children’s rights and needs

The Child and Family Act, 2014

The Child and Family Act, 2013 established an Agency with a state responsible for assessing compliance levels with regulations.

    • The Child and Family Agency is charged with the support and development of children’s welfare and protection, effective functioning of families.
    • This Act offers care and protection for children when parents cannot provide the care that a child needs. To discharge responsibilities, the Agency must maintain and develop services needed to support children and families. It provides the psychological welfare of children and families.
    • Responsibility for ensuring every child in the State attends school or receives education and provides educational welfare services to support and monitor children’s attendance, participation, and retention in education.
    • It ensures the best interests of the child and also guides all decisions affecting individual children.
    • Consulting children and their families so that they help to shape the agency’s policies and services.
    • Undertaking research related to functions and providing information and advice to the Minister regarding those functions.
    • Commissioning services relating to the provision of child and family welfare services.

The Child and Family Agency’s services include a range of universal and targeted services.

  1. Child Protection and Welfare services
  2. Educational Welfare Services
  3. Psychological services
  4. Alternative care service
  5. Family and locally-based community supports
  6. Early Years services
  7. Domestic, sexual and gender-based violence services

Childcare environment and its impact on behavior 

  • Many physical and emotional factors influence child behavior.
  • If there has always been disturbance and violence in a relationship between the parents, it negatively affects their mental health. A child’s behavior depends upon the family structure (neutral or joint family), culture, and adaptability.
  • Parents are the first exposure and environment of the child. The cultural influence molds the child’s behavior and thinking patterns. It impacts a child’s social abilities and personality.

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