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Chronic Conditions Management and Support Essay Sample 

The following essay sample work shall highlight the meaning of chronic diseases, integrated care programs for prevention and management of chronic diseases, and self-management and support for chronic conditions.

Chronic diseases or condition is a long term disease that gradually progresses with time and gets the worst. Such chronic conditions may include kidney disease, heart ailments, arthritis, depression, etc.

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Chronic Disease Management (CDM) provides care services and support that are given to individuals who are suffering from such health conditions. Such patients are given appropriate medical care and attention to daily manage the needs.

There is also emotional support from the family physician, health care providers, and other people. Good and effective disease management includes care and support which may include:-

  • Involvement of family and carers to support and care to the patients for self-management.
  • Well integrated with primary care and community.
  • Focus on health promotion and well-being.

Services and support are being given to people with chronic diseases that include dementia, diabetes, arterial condition, lung health, chronic pain, COPD, etc.

Integrated Care Programmes for the Prevention and Management of Chronic Disease  

In the year 2020, HSE launched an integrated care program for the treatment of patients with care, safely, timely, and efficiently within the settings of their home.

This program focuses on patients with chronic diseases and the various types of diseases and it’s effects on the health service users.

There are more than one million people in Ireland who are suffering from the condition of asthma, cardiovascular diseases, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. About 64.8% of people above 65 age are living with morbidity. They have more than two or three diseases.

A range of health services and treatment is given to the patients as there is an increase in treatment with time. When an effective and long-term treatment is not given to the patients they end up getting hospitalized for chronic diseases.

This program was meant for making people aware of their condition and understand their own needs by collaborating with the healthcare team and general practitioner.

Late adult groups are invited to programs to freely participate. The aim of this program is to educate, deliver care to the future health of the people by making a healthy environment around them.


Patients with this condition can review with condition twice a year through blood tests, medications review, BMI, blood pressure check. Primary care is best to provide standardized diabetes care for the patients.

Heart Ailment

Patients with heart ailments or with a history of stroke can enroll in this program. There is a three months assessment of cardiac functioning which can lead to the prevention service.


Asthma Management Ireland Programme helps provide health management for patients who have been suffering from lung diseases for a long time. The health team gives education on asthma management and control of the disease in patients.

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Self Management and Support for the Chronic Conditions 

Patients with a chronic condition require support and adequate information to become effective health managers of themselves. To manage their own health they must follow basic information about the disease and support members of the team may include friends and family. They have an important role to play in self-management.

Such patients must first recognize their symptoms and also have the knowledge to deal with them. They must be able to manage their own treatments, cope up with any emotional situations and make changes in the lifestyle.

Self-management support aims to increase the knowledge of a person by making them more skillful and confident while they are taking care of their own health.

It is part of the ongoing care and helps the individual to set his own goals and to make plans to understand their own health condition.

Some of the examples of self-management support of chronic diseases may include-

  • Regular reviews by the different healthcare team members.
  • Cardiac and Pulmonary rehabilitation for the people with their respective conditions.
  • Chronic disease self-management programs.
  • Action plans.
  • Lifestyle change supports.
  • Support groups dealing with diabetes, cardiac, and COPD.
  • Support for dealing with emotions and long-term conditions.

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The above essay sample mentions the chronic conditions support and management in Ireland.

Healthcare Support QQI Level 5, Careskills QQI Level 5, Wellbeing QQI Level 5, Infection Prevention and Control Course QQI Level 5 students can read this sample to gain professional knowledge on healthcare support and chronic disease management programs.

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