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How to Communicate Effectively at Workplace or in Healthcare Industry Essay Sample

The following sample will highlight how to communicate effectively at the workplace or in the Healthcare industry.  The effective communication procedure with the patients and amongst the healthcare staff ensures quality management and creation of healthy relationships.

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Effective communication skills can be in the form of verbal speech or any other form of communication. Other methods of communication and passing of the information put across the views and interests of the healthcare workers and patients. Workers skill sets within the healthcare industry help in best coordination and providing care delivery to the patients.

Without effective communication, the quality of healthcare suffers and may create a negative impact. There are multiple components to effective communication in a healthcare setting like healthcare literacy, cultural competency and language barriers.

If either the patient or the worker lacks ineffective communication skills, delivery of care will be compromised easily. Workers of different skills set must effectively communicate with other health care staffs to ensure quality healthcare delivery to the patients.

In order to decrease the health risks of the patients, healthcare workers must pass on sufficient information to patients to help them take adequate measures in order to maintain their health. Inefficient communication at healthcare workplace can lead to a high burden of cost in the system.

Active listening, responsive behaviour towards the patient’s concerns and possessing a non-judgemental attitude are all necessary skills the healthcare workers need to possess.

Effective communication in the healthcare system can prevent any form of physical injuries and even death. An increase in trust between patient and caregiver could strengthen the relationships with the other staff members and patient.

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Best practices for the implementation of effective communication at workplace and in Health Care System

Whenever there is a need to show how to communicate effectively at the workplace in general and in the health care industry the following practices should be taken into consideration.

1. Plan for different personalities of the patients

Patients at the healthcare facility or in the hospitals have different personalities with different individual needs. Healthcare professionals need a lot of patience to treat them. As it also requires great convincing power to convince the patients to get themselves medically treated in a certain way. While trying to effectively communicate with such patients one must not respond to them harshly. They need to be shown empathy, understanding of their concerns and proper guidance care and medical supervision.

2. Be empathetic to the patients

In order to be empathetic and creating a connection with patients, one needs to show sincerity and genuineness in their concern. Facial expressions must show concern, kindness and patience towards them. Empathetic behaviour includes true caring attitude, understanding the pain of the patient and no passing of any leud and judgemental remarks on the patient.

3. Use Active Listening skills

Listening is an art which also requires maturity and practice. We often see people love to convey their thoughts, opinions and problems but does not listen patiently to the other person which creates disinterest in relationships. In healthcare workplaces, professionals need to actively listen and talk less. They must feel the emotions of distress, depression or any other emotions. The Body language must be friendly and not guarded, defensive or uninterested.

4. Taking down notes

Health care providers must take down clear and concise notes. If they’re using a computerised system of notes taking then it must be readable by others and keep them aspired of individual situations of the patients. Notes include the medication details, symptoms, procedures the psychological and the dietary needs which are vital in healthcare.

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5. Be direct, open and clarity of speech and expression

Direct, clear and simple language or information must be used for the health care management staffs and patients. It will strengthen interpersonal relationships. Healthy and strong communication is the key to the successful running of daily operations in the healthcare industry.

Any hiding of the confidential information related to the patient’s health and safety from his family members is considered against the work ethics of health care professionals. As it could cost patient his health and even life.

How to communicate effectively with patients at the workplace or in healthcare areas

When reflecting upon the thought of how to communicate effectively at the workplace or in healthcare workplaces with patients. There are a few practices that could strike our minds that can be followed to communicate effectively with patients. They are:-

Assess your body language

Professionals or care providers must have the same level of body language with the patients. If required one could sit in a chair face to face with the patient making eye contact. One should face them while speaking.

Keeping short sentences and phrases in verbal speech

Care workers must use simple sentences and phrases to effectively communicate with patients. Using jargonic and difficult speech could lead to confusion. There should clarity of speech and thoughts while expressing views and must explain difficult concepts clearly.

Show respect to patients

Learn to solve their problems and accepting their requests and showing prudence is an important aspect of communication. Rather than speaking in command, one must offer them choices. Strive to help and maintain their dignity. Do not intervene them while they’re speaking as it may create confusion and a sense of disrespect.

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Show patience in listening

Sometimes due to illness and disorders in cognitive abilities due to brain stroke or age, the patients may speak slowly. Give them time to speak at their own pace and communication must not be rushed with them.

Giving ample of time to ask and respond

Giving ample of time to the patients for responding to their problems and concerns could enhance their communication skills. This also helps with good management in the healthcare system.

Communicating Health and Safety Policy to Healthcare workers or employees at the workplace 

While trying to figure out how to communicate effectively at the workplace one could formulate health and safety policies for workers or employees at the workplace. Employers must inform and consult with the employee’s health and safety measures at the workplace.

  • By appointing people to coordinate the emergency procedures and helping them with safety and health.
  • Planning and organizing necessary health or safety training for employees and health and safety information.
  • Providing health information under any relevant health and safety regulations.
  • Introduction of new technologies or procedures at the workplace for health and safety.

Health and safety information measures may be given to the employees using face to face meetings, memos, notice boards, minutes of meetings, emails, safety booklets etc.

Lack of communication could lead to serious health hazards and accidents in the workplace. Effective arrangements in place to communicate health and safety information is therefore a powerful preventive tool that should not be ignored.

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Importance of effective communication in the Healthcare industry 

Effective communication at the workplace or in the healthcare sector is very vital as it leads to quality delivery of health care to patients. When patients are no longer under the care of health professionals, then care teams must continue to communicate with patients to ensure safety.

  • Communication in health care leads to safe transitions of patients from the setting of a hospital system to another system when getting discharged. Hospital discharge policy must be inherently clear and appropriate. Communication of discharge must be based on the patient’s status, expressed preferences and follow up care instructions.

Preparing patients for a safe transition from hospital to home leads to the development of health systems and workflows. Establishment of communication channels could help in support of the patients. Most important healthcare strategy is to establish a consistent process of post-discharge follow-up.

  • The dignity of patients must be maintained by helping them with keeping their health-related issues confidential in nature. It must create effective communication to enhance interpersonal relationships. The environment back in the hospital must not be intimidating and scary for the patient and his family. Communication structures must be extended beyond the four walls of the health care facility to help to create relationships in the healthcare industry.

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Above essay sample is written to focus upon the communication strategies used in healthcare and other workplaces. It also highlights the importance of effective communication in the workplace and in the health care industry.

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