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Communication Importance in Childhood Development Essay

Communication is a fundamental key to a child’s overall development. It is the foundation of healthy relationships as it contributes to the enhancement of his social skills. Learning, playing, and socializing improves a child’s development.

The teachers and parents need to enhance the child’s communication skills to become more expressive and communicate clearly and confidently. Participation in school debates, oral exams, and class discussions improves his communication even with other students. A good verbal communicator can have good written skills as it improves his level of understanding and thinking abilities.

Communication Importance in Childhood Development Essay

Methods of helping a child in communication in his development stages

  • It involves listening in two ways with children so that it makes them feel valued and important.
  • Respecting their feelings and talking to them regularly motivates the child and enhances his mental development.
  • Encouraging them to participate in class discussions, debates, and speeches also enhances their verbal communication.
  • It is also important to point out the body language to a child as it helps the child grow humble n polite while communicating.
  • Reading together a book helps a child in his early stages with correct pronunciation and grammar.
  • Asking a child’s opinion on most of the issues helps them to be communicative and solution seekers.
  • Journaling is a habit that should be encouraged as writing daily activities may help a child to feel more confident. It helps them in the organization of their thoughts and also enhances their writing skills.
  • The overcorrection of a child should be avoided as it negatively impacts the child’s mind. Also making him over-conscious.

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The requirement of a child’s good communication skills in various aspects of his life

  • Education – A child’s education is largely impacted by his communication skills, as it is the key to success. A good communicator becomes a good orator and debater, which adds to his curriculum. Strong command over language and speech also enhances a child’s written communication skills, making him score well in his examination. Poor language predicts poor literacy skills.
  • Employment – A good communication skill is the highest priority in the job market as, without good language and skills, the chances of breaking through an interview are less. Most jobs require client handling, convincing, and documentation work, a complete game of good writing and speaking skills. Only a good CV does not count but how you convince the interviewer to hire you shows your convincing abilities. Good communication skills also help in conducting and leading seminars, conferences, and meetings.
  • Health- Good communication enhances good mental health as they communicate well with other people. If a child has any speech impairment or language, he should be treated for it, which might impact his confidence and mental health, leading to any bullying or harassment in the school. Better communication leads to better understanding and better awareness, thereby leading to overall good mental health.

Stages of Development of a child 

  • 1-5 years ago – 

(1) This age group of children understands small words and concepts as they’ve just started learning.

(2) They can respond to instructions while doing some other activities.

(3) By now, they can use complete sentences and start asking about the meaning of the words.

(4) They can now ask for help and adapt their talks up to a listener’s level of understanding.

(5) children at this age could write their names and recognize familiar written words.

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  • 6-12 years of age –

(1) 6 to 8 years age group child becomes a little independent by now.

(2) 6 to 12 age, children’s speech usually gets clear as their level of understanding increases. They ask about the meaning of different words, thereby leading to a better vocabulary.

(3) They become confident speakers by now as they’ve better command of the language and vocabulary.

(4) By 12, a child will read adult books and don’t interest in storytelling books. They become good readers and start reading mostly novels and magazines.

(5) Their interests change in subjects, and now we see a change in their personality as they become quieter and mature. Their interests mostly shift to clothes, brands, sports, and television series.

  • 13 -16 (teenager) –

(1) Their interests are now shifted to books that aim at older teenagers or adults.

(2) They become technology aware and can easily access laptops, pads, tablets, and phones. Parents worry about them being on phones texting and calling friends, but research says that it enhances the teenager’s language skills. It indicates better communication skills.

(3) They start keeping diaries for documentation and journaling daily, enhancing their writing abilities.

Barriers to Child’s communication in his development stages 

  • Cognitive Problems – It means insufficient thinking skills and problems in imagination, intellect, reasoning, and judgment.
  • Fluency problems – It can talk inflow without getting interrupted, which stammering and repetitions of words.
  • Language problems – Affects the ability to effectively understand speech and language as it causes expressive and language disorders.
  • Voice problems – Voice quality is bad due to phonation disorder leading to too low or high-pitched voices.

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