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Sample Reflective Essay on Compassionate Care

Compassionate Care is an important part of health care. While a learner is practicing Nursing, he/she has to be aware of this term called “Compassionate Care”. In this article, we will be sharing with you an example of a reflective essay on compassionate care.

Sample Reflective Essay on Compassionate Care

In today’s world, the sufferings of the people are endless. Each one of us undergoes much pain and trauma. Thus, we all need care and compassion in such a state of mind. The same goes for patients, and, especially if they are old and suffering from some incurable pain or disease.

Importance of Compassionate Care Given to Patients:

If you are a beginner in the Nursing course offered by QQI, then you must grasp this concept of Compassionate Care. The job of nursing is most valuable because they help the patients in getting back to their normal life.

In this journey, they have to practice calm behavior and have to retrospect the patient’s nature and mental situation without being judgemental. That is to say, they have to show empathy and compassion.

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How can Compassionate Care be given to Patients:

To provide compassionate care to patients nurses have to adhere to the following points:

  • The pain and the suffering of the patients are to be acknowledged by the nurses.
  • Gestures of the patient, in need of care should be understood.
  • Good Mannerism is another important practice
  • The problems of the patients cannot be ignored
  • Refrain from being rude
  • Lend emotional support to the patient

How can Compassionate Care help patients?

As mentioned above, Compassionate care plays a vital role in the patient’s recovery. In fact, if the attending nurse deals with the patient politely, with good manners, tries to make the patient laugh, and indulges him in some activities, all this can help the patient forget the suffering and gain positivity. This positive state of mind will help the patient become fit.

Now, it has been also seen that in some special cases where the patient’s state is critical, compassion plays its role and the patient comes out of danger. Thus, there is no doubt on the point that compassionate care is what is the need of the hour.

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Example of Compassionate Care Reflective Essay

in this section I will be sharing with you my reflection on compassionate care an important part of health care. This will give you a clear idea of how to write a reflective essay also.

Situation: A patient is suffering from dementia. She has to be treated. The patient is in a dire need of empathy and care.

Analysis: Compassionate care helps to understand the patient in a better way. It helps both the person who is taking care and the sufferer to reach out to each other easily. The only thing that has to be taken care is a good manner of dealing with the patient. Now, I experienced that initially, the patient was hesitant and reluctant. But, later, when I comforted her by asking about her favourite food, knowing her dislikes and assuring that she will be fine. And also, helping her overcome the fear of the treatment.

Outcomes: With my compassionate behaviour towards the patient, I realized that she was no longer hesitant. She took her routine seriously and also focused on her diet. She is much healthier now and is recovering.

Thus, it is extremely important to induce compassionate care while treating patients. It will help the patients in recovering at a faster pace and will also give them happiness. Moreover, nothing is more blissful than seeing your patient recover.

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