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Lack of independence and its consequences Essay Sample 

The following essay will deal with the lack of independence of children and old age people and its impact on the development and health of both the groups respectively. It shall highlight the negative impact of lack of independence on the emotional, physical and psychological health of children and older adults.

Parents and carers have the prime responsibility and duty to raise independent children who become self-reliant in the future. When infants, they are the most dependent on their parents for nourishment and basics. While the children grow up they require an independent environment for their growth and development.

Lack of independence and its consequences Essay Sample 

Giving independence to children helps them in the enhancement of their personalities and improves their social relationships with other children.

Similarly, older adults also require physical and emotional freedom to function properly. They need their personal space and less interference in their lives.

Impact on children’s development due to lack of independence 

There are independent and contingent children who have different behavior and traits in them. It has a huge impact on children’s development due to a lack of independence. Contingent children are dependent and their physical, and emotional needs and fostering are taken care of by their parents. Children who are controlled by their parents have a negative impact on their personalities.

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Some of the dire consequences of children’s lack of independence are:-

  • These children are way too dependent on their parents to taking important decisions in their life. It restricts their development and psychological growth completely. Such children have no ownership of their lives and the decisions associated with them.
  • Such children are bound to become less responsive as their emotions, actions, and thoughts are controlled by their parents. Less responsibility means less accountability on the part of children.
  • They tend to have easy accessibility to every need of them. So, they stop valuing things that are available to them. It makes them impolite, nonhumble, and ungrateful for any rewards and things that they get in their lives. They start comparing their life with other children and that makes them paranoid and more insecure.
  • Children who are dependent have a tough time adjusting and adapting to new changes and challenges. They are nonflexible, demanding, and intolerant as a result of less exposure in life.
  • Contingent children have anger and frustration issues as they do not understand the importance of struggle and achievement. If their demands are not fulfilled by their parents they might become aggressive.
  • Dependency makes children poor decision-makers in life as they fail to use their minds independently to make conscious decisions.
  • Children may also face a lack of communication and social skills. They are incapable of making new friends and creating bonds with other children. They face problems in coordination and getting along with other children in school and society.

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Importance of independence of children 

Independent children are mostly self-reliant and capable to make their own decisions. Freedom of children helps them to explore and have a learning experience which leads to the overall development of.

We can identify independent children through the following traits:-

  • Independent children are good decision-makers and have unique sound personalities. They have the self-confidence and high self-esteem to achieve any target and face any challenges in life.
  • Such children are highly self-driven and motivated to work and study. Parents do not need to force them to complete school assignments or homework on time as these children are self-motivated.
  • These children are mostly seekers and achievers. They want to stand out from the rest of the crowd and achieve higher aims in life. They seek opportunities and make the most of them.
  • Children with a sense of freedom and independence have generally good communication and social skills. Creating bonds, friendships and strong personal relationships is a trait in them. Their strong communication skills also help them to be more participative in class discussions and debates.
  • Such children turn out to have a good personality and knowledge. They value more relationships and feelings of others and are also polite and humble in nature.

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Impact on wellbeing and health of older adults due to lack of freedom 

The old age group is another group that is considered to be dependent on others. Whenever their freedom to live their life on their own terms and conditions are restricted it may cause dire consequences. They start feeling insecure, dependant and undignified on restricting their physical mobility and emotional independence. It impacts their health and well-being.

Some of the traits that can be noticed in older adults on lack of independence are:-

  • Loss of independence in the old age group can trigger emotions of guilt, anger, and sadness. Social support is vital but individual freedom is important otherwise it may cause depression and anxiety.
  • Depression that is caused due to lack of freedom is the mother of other illnesses in the old age group. It can worsen the condition of stroke, heart ailment, and diabetes and thereby increasing the health care costs.
  • Most of the senior citizens stay inside the care homes or in their residential places which leads to chronic pain. Such pain can lead to a lack of independence and well-being of a person.
  • Lack of independence can lead to a serious nervous breakdown. It can give them a feeling of social isolation and nervousness. So, therefore, freedom must be given to keep them in good health and spirit.
  • A loss of freedom can aid to the memory loss in a person. The more a person remains active and independent more his health condition improves. Memory loss may occur with age but freedom and regular activities can boost memory skills. The daily routine can promote good health.

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Sample essay written above mentions the consequences and impact of lack of independence of children and older adults. It also highlights the importance of freedom for good health and development.

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