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Generalist Care Approach to the Palliative Patient with COPD Essay Sample 

This sample will highlight the need for a generalist approach to palliative care in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients. The various ways to help a COPD patient and discussion on the National Clinical Programme for Palliative care Ireland.

Palliative care includes a team of social workers, medical care health professionals, and staff who are meant for providing palliative care services to the patients.

Such care is also provided to the families of the patient to be able to cope with the grief, pain, or sorrow of losing a loved one.

Generalist Care Approach to the Palliative Patient with COPD Essay Sample

This care is not only meant for dying patients but also for terminally ill patients who require palliative care and end-of-life care. It helps the patients to cope with the symptoms, and pain of the disease by improving their psychosocial, physical, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being.

Palliative care has certain aims for the patient’s health and those are:-

  • It provides life support care and a system so that patients can lead a normal healthy routine life.
  • It helps in relieving physical pain and symptoms of distress.
  • The health care team can address the needs of the patient and their families to cope with the ailment with the help of counseling.
  • Helps the patient to live actively up to his death.

Levels of Palliative Care

There are many early therapies used for improving the quality of life in patients who have cancer, heart problems, kidney failure, neurological, pulmonary disease, etc. Chemotherapy and radiation treatment are used for such patients with ailments.

Palliative care therapy is also meant for COPD patients to improve their shortness of breath and anxiety, increasing awareness and knowledge amongst the patients and helping in the disease management.

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Level 1 – Palliative care can be provided in any location or setting by considering the choice of the patient, and his personal and medical needs.

Providing proper health care service to meet the needs of the patient is the responsibility of the health workers and is part of their job.

Level 2 – It is a generalist palliative care approach to the patient who is suffering from a terminal illness or is at his last stages. Health care professionals in this stage have general knowledge and training to take care of patients and provide them carefully to ensure their quality of life.

Level 3 – In this stage specialized trained health care professionals work solely in the palliative care unit and provide extensive care to the patient with the help of their skills and special knowledge.

Generalist care approach to the COPD patients

The generalist approach to palliative care of COPD patients includes professional health care and social care services by carers and health workers who have general palliative skills.

This is practiced by most clinical health carers to help in improving the overall health and holistic well-being of the patient. The family of the patient benefits most from the health care skills and expertise of the workers.

It provides coordinated health services, meeting clinical needs, providing palliative care support beds, and a life support system in the local environment of the patient.

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Generalist palliative care in COPD patients approach includes –

  • A holistic assessment of the health of the COPD patient who is being diagnosed by the doctors or staff.
  • Developing an organized care plan for the patient by the healthcare team workers by considering the personal and medical needs of the patient.
  • Communicating such a care plan to the other team members to ensure effective coordination in the team. It ensures any further care if required by the patient.
  • Implementation of the healthcare policies and procedures after a discussion with the specialist palliative care providers. Any further references to the Level 3 care stage must be given if required.
  • Review of the care plan with the help of the specialist palliative carers to see if changes or modifications are required in the care services.
  • With the help of specialist carers, further arrangements for patient care should be made.
  • Level 2 stage of the Generalist approach includes addressing clinical issues of palliative care, issues management, and end-of-life care.

Ways through which COPD can be managed

  • Giving up smoking habits it causes severe damage to the lungs and air passage of the patient which can worsen the condition.
  • Getting sufficient rest and adequate sleeping pattern.
  • Helping patients with breathing exercises and mindfulness meditation techniques to deal with stress and anxiety. It also helps in controlling breathing.
  • Using oxygen therapy for such patients.
  • Eating a balanced, adequate diet and physical exercise.
  • Avoiding any infections.
  • Learning mucus-building techniques from the doctor.
  • Creating a proper action plan.
  • Learning more about COPD disease.
  • Taking the correct prescribed medication of the doctor and timely medication.

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National Clinical Programme for Palliative Care Ireland 

National Clinical Programme for Palliative Care Ireland aims to ensure easy access is provided to the patients and their families to meet their needs. It helps in the proper diagnosis of the patient’s health.

It sends any reports of palliative care to the National Director of Clinical Strategy and Programme and the Health Service Executive.

The health care team, clinical lead, and health manager all collectively deliver the objectives of the program.

RCPI committee and medical consultants in Ireland are invited to become members. Such programs can be encouraged to collaborate effectively with other programs.

Other programs include the Irish Palliative Medicine Consultants Association, Irish Association for Palliative care, Irish Hospice Foundation, and All Ireland Institute of Hospice and Palliative care.

The health care system can collaborate with other health services to work as a team to develop health care development.

The Working group led by Clinical Lead agrees to implement the work plan which helps in timely delivery and meeting the program objectives. A specific workforce and expertise teams can get involved in this area of practice.

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The above essay sample is based on a generalist care approach to palliative patients with COPD.

Palliative care, Healthcare, Nursing, Careskills, well-being, Social care, QQI Level 5, and FETAC Level 5(care skills) students can refer to this sample to get a clear understanding of the topic.

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