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CPA Strategic Advanced Audit Assurance Assignment Sample Ireland

The course on CPA Strategic (Advanced Audits and Assurances) is popular and widely studied in Ireland.

The objective of this course is to help students display their skills, competencies, and knowledge to conduct audits of entities as also take up assurances engagements while keeping in consideration the profession’s and institute’s ethical standards in complex and changing business environments.

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This is an assignment sample that discusses the course on CPA strategic advanced audit assurances and it also helps the learners and the students to comprehend the various learning outcomes that are associated with this course.

The assignment sample also features the learning guide, how student’s performance is assessed and evaluated.

Learning Outcomes of CPA Strategic Advanced Audit Assurances

This section of the assignment sample throws light on the various outcomes of learning that are associated with the course in context. Following are the learning outcomes that are related to the course on CPA strategic advanced audit assurances:-

Exhibit the abilities in exercising judgments while applying regulatory, professional, ethical, and legal needs to assurance and audit services

Assurance and audit services help to assess the accounting entries that are there in a company’s financial statement. The auditing process checks the correctness of company financial reports.

An assurance on the other hand helps to analyze and use the evaluation of accounting entries as also financial records.

The professionals who are engaged in audit and assurances are required to display abilities in making decisions while applying different regulatory, professional, ethical, legal requirements to various assurance and audit services.

Decisively assessing financial statements and interpret and analyze data, utilize data to evaluate audit risks, plan, design, and execute audit

The assignment sample also emphasizes that the course on CPA strategic advanced audit assurances helps the learners and students to evaluate financial statements.

The course helps the students to analyze as also interpret financial data, utilize the data to assess the risks about auditing, planning, designing as also executing audits. The course also assists the students and the learners to strategize for auditing.

Understand how the global standards for auditing in Ireland are applied

The course also helps the learners and the students to know and understand how the global standards for auditing in Ireland are applied. The course also informs the students and the learners to know about global standards on quality controls within Ireland and the course also allows the learners to know other technicalities that are associated with assurance services, audit services in Ireland.

Assess conclusions that are based on evidence using auditing and assurance procedures

The course on CPA strategic advanced audit assurances also helps the students and the learners to assess and evaluate conclusions based on evidences utilizing auditing and assurance methods. The course also assists the students and professionals in communicating effectively to stakeholders utilizing proper reporting formats.

Analyze contemporary development issues and issues about assurances and auditing services

If you are pursuing the course on CPA strategic advanced audit assurances then you can also know about the tips of analyzing contemporary development problems as well as issues related to assurances and auditing services within Ireland.

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Syllabus related to the course on CPA strategic advanced auditing and assurance

This section of the assignment sample features the syllabus that is related to the course in context (CPA strategic advanced auditing and assurance) in a tabular format.

1Ethical, professional, regulatory, legal frameworks for auditingEU directives, company acts, orders, company laws

Companies that are listed in London and Irish stock exchanges

Standards of auditing

Obligations, legal liabilities

Frameworks for corporate governance

Anti-money launderings

CPA codes of ethics

Professional negligence, indemnity

2Assessing and evaluating risks, auditing, planning as also executionAcceptance process, new engagements

Conducting, planning, documenting audits

Analysis of  information, review financial statements

Risk assessments and materiality

Practice management, professional skepticism, quality controls

Testing and evaluating controls

Listing other’s activities

Regulations and laws

Errors and frauds

3Financial systems, internal controlsControl procedures, environments

Internal controls and related systems

Continuous control and monitoring

Computer-controlled environments

4Completion as well as reportingEvents and concerns

Review and matters that may arise

Important concepts that are related to reporting

Modified reporting

Auditor reporting

Limitations on scopes of reporting

Emphasis on matter

Responsibility of auditor

5Special auditing as well as other engagementsPlanning, engagement, reporting, and execution

Considerations about professional practices

6Evaluating performancesStakeholder reports, corporate reports

Management reports, performance reports, KPIs


7Contemporary issuesDevelopments in assurance and audit environments

Auditing new technologies like Block-chain, AI


For additional information regarding the course on CPA strategic advanced audits and assurances visit relevant resources that are available on the web.

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